Donna Ongsiako stabbing: 5 Fast Fact You need to know



In a harrowing incident, Donna Ongsiako faced unimaginable danger but emerged as a symbol of bravery. Despite losing a significant amount of blood, Donna’s strength shone through. She not only survived a brutal stabbing at her own home but also assisted the police in apprehending the assailant. This incredible story has captured the hearts of many, prompting a surge of interest in the circumstances surrounding Donna Ongsiako’s ordeal.


The Survivor

Donna Ongsiako, a mother from Colts Neck, found herself in a nightmare when she became the victim of a violent home invasion. The attacker, described by Donna as no older than a teenager, subjected her to multiple stabbings. Miraculously, Donna summoned the strength to contact 911, despite being on the brink of losing her life. This courageous act ultimately saved her. The chilling incident transpired in July 2013, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.


The Perpetrator Unveiled

During the subsequent investigation, authorities swiftly identified the assailant as Brennan Doyle, a 16-year-old local resident. Shockingly, Brennan was also linked to unauthorized use of Donna’s accounts, further deepening the gravity of the situation. Eyewitnesses reported spotting him near Taco Bell on the night of the incident. The investigation yielded crucial DNA evidence, leading to Brennan’s apprehension and subsequent charges. Ultimately, the accused admitted guilt, providing some semblance of closure.


The Tale Unfolds on Screen

The gripping account of Donna’s horrifying experience and her remarkable courage reached a wider audience through CBS’ 48 Hours program. The episode, titled “A Stabbing in Colts Neck,” aired on May 20, 2023. It chronicles Donna’s incredible feat of outsmarting her assailant and delves into the efforts to track him down. The program promises a riveting narrative brought to life by contributor Jim Axelrod. As the story continues to unfold, stay tuned to this platform for the latest updates and details. The strength and resilience exhibited by Donna Ongsiako serve as an inspiration to all.