Drummer is accusing superstar Beyonce of ‘extreme witchcraft’ and casting ‘spells’ on her



In a shocking revelation, Beyonce, the global superstar known for her mesmerizing music and performances, has been accused of practicing “extreme witchcraft” and using “dark magic” by her former drummer. This news has stirred up quite a storm on social media, leaving people curious to learn more about the allegations. In this article, we will delve into the details of this surprising accusation and explore the circumstances surrounding it.


The Accusation

It has been five years since a former drummer of Beyonce came forward with startling claims. The accusations include Beyonce’s involvement in witchcraft, dark magic, and the casting of spells on her drummer. Beyonce, with her massive fan following and global fame, has always been in the spotlight for her music and performances. However, this accusation has brought a different kind of attention to her.


Beyonce’s Musical Journey

Beyonce’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She has performed live for her dedicated fan base, known as the “BeyHive,” at various locations as part of her Renaissance Tour. This controversy, though stemming from an older report, has resurfaced due to the allegations of witchcraft and dark magic. It’s essential to note that these allegations were made by her former drummer, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.


The Drummer’s Testimony

According to court documents, the drummer who worked alongside Beyonce for approximately seven years made some astounding claims. These allegations included extreme witchcraft, spellcasting, financial control, phone tapping, and even the accusation of killing a kitten. Kimberly Thompson, the former drummer, detailed that during her time working with Beyonce, she experienced a campaign of harassment. These accusations certainly added a controversial twist to the narrative, and they continue to generate discussion even five years later.


The Controversy Revisited

The accusations against Beyonce have rekindled a controversy that first erupted half a decade ago. The news of her alleged involvement in dark magic and witchcraft shocked the world back then, and it is once again making headlines. It’s important to remember that the information we’ve shared in this article is based on reports from various sources. Further developments in this case may emerge in the future.



The allegations of witchcraft and dark magic against Beyonce by her former drummer are indeed surprising and have captured the attention of many. As more information becomes available, the story continues to evolve. Beyonce, a renowned artist with a massive following, will undoubtedly address these allegations in her own way. The world will be watching to see how this intriguing and controversial saga unfolds. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.