El Monte Jewelry Store Robbery: Employees fight would-be thief who bear sprayed them



The Robbery Incident In El Monte, a daring incident unfolded at a local jewelry store. This store, like many others, became the target of a would-be thief. However, what makes this story stand out is the brave fight put up by the store’s employees against the intruder. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable incident and the viral news surrounding it.

A Courageous Stand The jewelry store in El Monte became the scene of a tense showdown when a man attempted to rob it on a Saturday. The store’s security cameras captured the struggle between the staff and the intruder as he tried to make his escape. During this chaos, the store’s glass windows shattered, adding to the commotion.

Bear Spray Unleashed Things took a dangerous turn when one of the would-be thieves used bear hunting spray on the employees. According to the store owner, her uncle was targeted by this dangerous spray as the thief began smashing the display cases. The owner revealed, “My dad and my brother bravely confronted him, but then he pulled out the pepper spray and started spraying everyone.” The situation escalated further when, before leaving, the intruder threatened the lives of the store’s occupants.

Foiled Robbery Attempt Despite the chaos, the man left the store empty-handed. Security cameras not only captured this failed robbery attempt but also showed that the same individual had visited the store about four weeks prior to the incident. During his previous visit, the staff remembers him inquiring about their products but not making any purchases. This has led them to believe that he might have been scouting the store for a potential theft.

Police Hunt for the Culprit El Monte Police are actively investigating the case, but the thief managed to escape, and his whereabouts remain unknown. However, the police department remains confident in their ability to locate and apprehend the suspect. Lt. Aram Choe mentioned, “We have valuable leads and substantial photo and video evidence, thanks to the footage captured by onlookers.”

Store’s Resilience In the face of this harrowing experience, the jewelry store staff remains determined. They have announced that the store will reopen for business on Monday. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact the El Monte Police Department as the investigation continues. This attempted robbery, combined with the use of bear spray to hinder the employees, is just the latest in a series of break-ins affecting businesses across the Southland. Recently, another jewelry store owner in Pasadena fell victim to a robbery in which the assailants stole over $500,000 worth of goods after pepper-spraying him.



the brave employees at the El Monte jewelry store demonstrated remarkable courage in the face of danger. Their resilience and the evidence captured on camera give hope that the perpetrator will be brought to justice soon. The community stands in solidarity with the store, hoping for a swift resolution to this troubling incident.