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Incident in Northeast Calgary

Traffic Jam in Falconridge In the heart of northeast Calgary, a recent incident caused quite a stir. On a Saturday night, an intense clash between two Eritrean groups brought traffic to a halt. The area affected was Falconridge Boulevard, which had to be shut down in both directions, stretching from Castleridge Boulevard to McKnight Boulevard N.E. We’ll give you all the details about this incident and why it happened.

Eyewitness Account Mian Wahid, who happened to be nearby during the commotion, shared his account of the incident. He recalled, “Around six o’clock, maybe 150 to 200 young guys gathered in this parking space, and then they were holding long sticks in their hands, and they rushed towards the other side.” According to Wahid, it seemed like they were heading to confront another group or individuals.

Initial Confusion Wahid admitted, “At first I thought they were protesting, but all of a sudden they began rushing to the side.” Witness videos captured men from both groups wielding long sticks and bats, and some were even wearing helmets. Some held blue banners displaying the previous Eritrean flag, while others sported blue T-shirts with the Eritrean flag on them. Another witness, who was parked on Castleridge Boulevard, started recording videos when the altercation began. He explained, “One guy told me they were protesting the dictatorship in Eritrea, and I thought, ‘Why do they have two-by-fours and pipes if they’re protesting a dictatorship?'” He had to leave briefly but was surprised to find a heavy police presence upon his return.

Police Response The situation escalated quickly, leading to police intervention. Various law enforcement vehicles and even police officers on horseback arrived at the scene. While there have been reports of a few minor injuries, the exact number remains undisclosed. As the night unfolded, the police decided to evacuate the strip mall’s parking lot at McKnight Boulevard and Falconridge Boulevard N.E. around 9 o’clock.

What Sparked the Clash While the incident itself was quite chaotic, people are now eager to understand why it happened. This clash appears to be linked to the ongoing issues in Eritrea, particularly in opposition to the dictatorship in the country. However, it remains puzzling why individuals involved in a protest against a dictatorship would carry two-by-fours and pipes. This incident has raised questions and concerns within the community.

Community Impact The incident had a significant impact on the local community. Traffic disruptions, the sudden gathering of a large group, and the presence of weapons raised alarm among residents. The safety and well-being of everyone in the vicinity became a top priority for the authorities. While it’s important to voice concerns and opinions, it’s equally vital to do so in a peaceful and non-threatening manner.



The incident that unfolded in northeast Calgary involving rival Eritrean groups left many shaken and concerned. The reasons behind the altercation seem linked to opposition against the dictatorship in Eritrea. However, the use of weapons and the chaotic scene has raised eyebrows in the community. Authorities are actively investigating the incident, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of peaceful expression of concerns and opinions. The hope is that such incidents can be resolved through dialogue and understanding rather than confrontation and violence.