Ethirneechal 18th September 2023 Written Update: Today’s Episode



The popular show Ethirneechal, which has garnered a massive fan following, aired its episode on the 18th of September 2023. In this episode, we witnessed some exciting developments and a touch of drama that left viewers glued to their screens.


Lakshmi’s Inspiring Words

The episode commenced with Lakshmi expressing her admiration for Easwari. She revealed how Easwari served as her inspiration, and her motivating speeches empowered countless women to stand on their own feet. Easwari was on cloud nine, basking in the appreciation she received.


Janani and Shakti’s Wait

Meanwhile, Janani and Shakti eagerly waited for Easwari. Kathir and Gunasekaran noticed their anticipation. Soon, Darshan arrived on his bike, ready to share the exciting news. Janani congratulated him on his new bike, while Shakti admired its pristine condition.


Darshan’s New Bike

Easwari clarified that the bike was secondhand, but Darshan was thrilled to have it. He even offered to teach Janani how to ride it. Shakthi hopped on the bike and praised its smooth ride. Little did they know that this bike would soon become the center of attention.


Renuka and Nandini’s Surprise

As the story unfolded, Renuka and Nandini were in for a big surprise when they spotted the bike. They extended their best wishes to Darshan and were informed that their mother had bought it for him. They couldn’t help but appreciate Easwari’s thoughtful gesture.


Children’s Enthusiasm

Darshini and Thara, the kids, were eager to take the bike for a spin. However, Karikalan intervened, emphasizing that children shouldn’t be riding bikes. Renuka and Nandini scolded them for their eagerness.


A Clash of Opinions

The situation escalated when Njagam and Kathir arrived. They questioned the need for the new bike and engaged in a heated argument with Shakthi and Darshan. Shakthi defended her decision to buy the bike, asserting that it was her son’s happiness that mattered most. Njagam argued that they were creating unnecessary drama and insisted they should have purchased a brand-new bike instead.


Tensions Rise

Tensions flared when Kathir received an order from Shakthi to take away the bike’s key. Kathir stood his ground, asserting that her brother had every right to question their choices. Njagam chimed in, reminding everyone how he had taken charge when their father passed away.



As the episode drew to a close, the tensions within the family remained unresolved. Ethirneechal never fails to captivate its audience with its engaging storyline and relatable family dynamics. Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting show.