Fabrizio Romano Twitter News: Bournemout submitted £15m bid for Alex Scott Rejected by Bristol City



In recent news, Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano dropped a bombshell about a bid for young football sensation Alex Scott. Bristol City, where Scott currently plays, has declined a substantial offer from Bournemouth to acquire the 19-year-old talent. While this development has raised eyebrows, Romano suggests that Bournemouth may not be giving up just yet. They seem determined to revisit negotiations in the coming days.


Bristol City Rejects Bournemouth’s £15 Million Bid

The heart of the matter lies in Bristol City’s decision to turn down Bournemouth’s initial bid of £15 million for Alex Scott. As of now, the future of this promising English midfielder hangs in the balance. Whether he will make the move from Bristol City to Bournemouth remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Bournemouth may need to significantly boost their offer to secure his services.


Fabrizio Romano’s Twitter Update

While the focus has largely been on Alex Scott’s potential transfer, Fabrizio Romano has another intriguing update in his arsenal. According to the Italian journalist, there is speculation that David de Gea might be parting ways with Old Trafford. While this change has not occurred yet, Romano believes that Thursday could be a pivotal day in this potential transfer saga.


The Pursuit of André Onana

Fabrizio Romano also highlights the ongoing chase for Intern Milan goalkeeper André Onana by Manchester United. It appears that Manchester United is actively engaged in discussions with Intern Milan to bring Onana on board. The next 24 hours are expected to play a crucial role in determining the outcome of this deal.

Throughout the week, Romano has maintained consistency in his updates. He initially suggested that a deal might materialize in the middle or later part of the week. However, subsequent hints indicate that a confirmation could be on the horizon as early as Monday or Tuesday.


Manchester United’s Goalkeeper Department

The weakness in Manchester United’s goalkeeper department has been evident, particularly during the pre-season. With Matej Kovar and Tom Heaton delivering impressive performances and securing clean sheets in a 2-0 win, the need for a reliable goalkeeper has become increasingly apparent.


Dean Henderson’s Potential Return

Adding to the intrigue, The Telegraph has reported that Dean Henderson, who is currently recovering from an injury, may soon be available for the upcoming season. There is even speculation that Nottingham Forest could select him.

As football enthusiasts eagerly await further developments, Fabrizio Romano continues to be a reliable source for the latest updates and insights into the ever-dynamic world of football transfers. Keep an eye on his Twitter account and this website for the most current information.