FACT CHECK: Can You Really Play Roblox On PS5 & PS4?



Roblox and PlayStation, two giants in the gaming world, are finally joining forces to bring joy to gamers. Roblox, known for its vast online community and creative gameplay, is making its way to PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) on 10th October 2023. This exciting news has gamers across the globe buzzing with anticipation.


Roblox’s Rise to Popularity

Roblox isn’t just a game; it’s a massive online world where players can do so much more than just play. It’s a place where they can socialize, create games, and be a part of an ever-expanding community. Roblox’s appeal lies in its versatility and the power it gives players to unleash their creativity.


The Long-Awaited Union

For years, gamers who loved both Roblox and PlayStation were wondering when these two would unite. The wait is finally over. The upcoming launch on PS5 and PS4 is set to open up a world of gaming and creativity for PlayStation enthusiasts.


Confirmation of Roblox on PS5 & PS4

Roblox hasn’t been available on PS5 or PS4 until now, but the good news is that it’s officially coming. Gamers can circle 10th October 2023 on their calendars. The exact release time is yet to be confirmed, but the mere announcement has thrilled fans who have been eager to experience Roblox on their PlayStation consoles.


Theories Behind the Delay

There were various speculations about why Roblox didn’t appear on PlayStation earlier. One theory suggested that Roblox had an exclusive agreement with Xbox, preventing its arrival on PlayStation. Such agreements are common in the gaming world, leading to exclusive deals with different platforms.

Sony also had concerns about Roblox’s impact on its younger audience, which may have contributed to the delay. However, it seems Sony has softened its stance, now welcoming Roblox onto its consoles.


Roblox’s Forward-Thinking Strategy

Roblox’s development team showcased their commitment to innovation. They introduced a novel API, harnessing the power of programming languages like Objective C and C++. This move aimed to make Roblox accessible on various devices, including Meta Quest and PlayStation, ensuring a more immersive user experience.


Current Platforms and Future Expansion

While waiting for Roblox’s arrival on PS5 and PS4, fans can still enjoy the game on platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, Amazon Fire, Android, and Xbox One. With PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 joining the list in October 2023, there’s no shortage of excitement for Roblox enthusiasts.


Is Roblox Free on PS5?

Yes, Roblox is free to play on both PS5 and PS4. Players can engage in multiplayer gaming, socialize, and create interactive experiences without spending a dime. This brings a new dimension to the gaming world on PlayStation.


PlayStation Plus and More

PlayStation 5 owners have the option to subscribe to various tiers of PlayStation Plus memberships, which offer access to a selection of free games each month. This includes popular titles like “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” and the beloved “Uncharted” series. With Roblox’s addition to the PlayStation family, gamers have even more options for diverse and exciting gaming experiences.



The much-anticipated arrival of Roblox on PS5 and PS4 is just around the corner. Gamers can look forward to an immersive and creative gaming experience that’s free to play. Roblox’s expansion to PlayStation consoles promises to be a game-changer, adding more fun and diversity to the world of gaming. Mark your calendars for 10th October 2023 and get ready to dive into the world of Roblox on PlayStation!