FACT CHECK: Did Aaron Rodgers Get Hurt?



 The Unfortunate Turn of Events

Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback, had a tough start in his debut match with the Jets. Just five minutes into the game, tragedy struck, leaving fans and players in shock. The big question on everyone’s mind is, will Aaron Rodgers bounce back from this setback?


The Injury Incident

Yes, indeed, Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury to his left leg during the game. It all happened when he collided with Buffalo’s defender, Leonard Floyd. The collision caused him to tumble awkwardly, leading to a painful injury. Medical examinations, including an MRI, revealed that Rodgers had torn his Achilles tendon.


How It Happened

Let’s break down how this unfortunate incident unfolded. Aaron was in the midst of a play when Leonard Floyd grabbed him, causing him to lose his balance. As he fell, his left leg got trapped beneath his body. Even as he attempted to get back up, he couldn’t bear the pain and had to sit back down. Eventually, he had to be carried off the field. Although X-rays didn’t show any broken bones, it was clear that this was a serious injury.


 Coach’s Concerns

The head coach, Robert Saleh, expressed his deep concern about Aaron’s injury, saying, “Prayers tonight, it’s not good.” This ominous statement left fans worried about the extent of the damage. An MRI scheduled for the following Tuesday would provide more clarity.


 Season-Ending Confirmation

Unfortunately, the MRI results confirmed the worst fears – Aaron Rodgers’ injury was season-ending. This means he won’t be able to play for the rest of the year.


The Jets’ Dilemma

With Aaron Rodgers out of the picture, the Jets faced a dilemma. Zach Wilson is now the starting quarterback, but there’s no other healthy quarterback on the 53-player roster. Finding a suitable replacement at this point in the season won’t be easy. While the Jets did manage to win the game 22-16, the future remains uncertain for the team.


Aaron’s Uncertain Future

Aaron Rodgers, who is approaching 40 years old, faces an uncertain future. A torn Achilles tendon can be a career-ending injury for athletes. Once he recovers, he might contemplate retirement. However, it’s important to note that any decision regarding retirement is still months away.



Aaron Rodgers’ injury has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Jets’ season. The quarterback’s recovery and potential return will be closely watched by fans and experts alike. Only time will tell if we’ll see him back on the field or if he’ll decide to hang up his boots for good.