FACT CHECK: Did Aaron Rodgers Get Hurt?



Rodgers’ Unfortunate Injury

In his debut match with the Jets, Aaron Rodgers faced a tough moment. Just five minutes into the game, he got hurt. It was a bitter start for the legendary quarterback.


The Injury Details

Leonard Floyd, a player from Buffalo, collided with Rodgers. This caused a serious injury to Rodgers’ left leg. An MRI scan later showed that he had a torn Achilles tendon.


The Moment of Impact

As Leonard held on to Rodgers, his left leg got stuck in an awkward position. Even when he tried to stand, it wouldn’t support him. After a brief attempt, he had to be carried off the field. Medical staff examined him, and he wore a walking boot on his left foot. Thankfully, X-rays showed no broken bones.


The Heartbreaking Confirmation

Coach Robert Saleh’s words echoed the fans’ fears. He said, “Prayers tonight, it’s not good.” The MRI later confirmed that Rodgers’ season was over.


 What’s Next for the Jets?

With Rodgers out, Zach Wilson steps in as the starting quarterback. The team may have to rely more on running the ball and strong defense. Finding another top-tier quarterback might be a tough task at this point in the season.


Uncertain Future for Rodgers

As Rodgers nears his 40s, this injury could potentially end his career. Once he recovers, he’ll have a big decision to make. Will he retire, or will he push on? But for now, the Jets have to regroup and look ahead.