FACT CHECK: Did Big Brother Season 25 Episode 16 Have Any Foul Play?



The Surprising Turn of Events

In the latest episode of Big Brother Season 25, Red found themselves on the chopping block. The head of the household, Jared Fields, replaced Cam with Jag and had plans to send Red home.


The Votes Are In

After a live voting and eviction session, Red went home with eight votes out of ten, while Jag received two votes. Blue, America, Matt, Cirie, Izzy, Cory, and Felicia voted for Red, while Cam and Bowie tried to vote out Jag.


 A Cloud of Controversy

However, the session has suddenly sparked controversy as fans consider the results to be rigged.


Fans Speak Out

There have been no official reports of a mistake in the counting. However, fans think that Red did not receive as many votes as shown in the episode. Some believe that Cory never said Red’s name judging from his lip movement, and CBS dubbed his dialogue later.


 Questioning Transparency

Some fans claim that the way Cory said the name did not look like he was saying ‘Red’; it seemed like the voice was later recorded and added to the scene.


 Corey’s Vote: A Non-Decisive Factor

Even if Corey had voted for Jag, the outcome would have been the same as Red had received an overwhelming number of votes for eviction. Corey’s vote was not a decisive factor.


Scrutinizing the Edit

The incident has led many to question CBS’s intent behind the edit as well as the authenticity of the so-called ‘live’ episodes. It is not Red’s ousting that is under debate but rather the transparency of the show.


Shedding Light on a Detail

In the midst of people demanding answers from CBS, a piece of information regarding Cory’s past came to light. Cory’s brother, Zach Wurtenberger, revealed that he had a speech impediment as a kid and had difficulty pronouncing ‘R’s. The addition of this detail cleared the fog for those who have been doubtful of CBS’ editing.


 CBS Keeps Mum

CBS has not revealed any official statement addressing the controversy yet. So until the next episode premieres and things are cleared by Cory himself, the dust on the debate is unlikely to settle down.


 Where to Watch

You can stream Big Brother 25 on FuboTV, Paramount+, and Pluto TV. So far, it has received 16 episodes, with a few more to come.

 Stay Tuned for More Drama

So, get ready for more and more eliminations and controversies as the show progresses, and comment below if you, too, think Cory did not nominate Red.