FACT CHECK: Did Kim Hieora Apologize To 3 Bullying Victims 7 Times?



Last week, a shocking exposé on Kim Hieora revealed a tale of love and hate. Loved by fans as a celebrity but despised by those she allegedly bullied, the Dispatch investigation into her past actions has brought her into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.


Kim Hieora’s Bullying Scandal

Netizens were quick to point out the irony when Dispatch exposed Hieora’s bullying scandal. This actress, who gained fame for her role in the hit series “The Glory,” was accused of involvement in various troubling activities during her school days. These allegations included extortion, blackmail, threats, intimidation, and verbal attacks. It was even suggested that she was a part of the notorious school gang known as “Big Sangji,” which reportedly bullied other students and ruled the classroom.


Hieora’s Defense

In response to these allegations, Kim Hieora defended herself by claiming she was never directly involved in the bullying. She maintained that she was merely a bystander and joined the group to avoid unwanted attention due to her unconventional appearance. Hieora went further, saying she attempted to prevent her peers from engaging in such behavior. Her agency, Gram Entertainment, also refuted all the allegations and took legal actions against those making malicious comments about her.


A Change in Tune

However, recent developments have altered Hieora’s stance on the matter. Dispatch revealed that on May 19, Kim Hieora reached out to three of her alleged bullying victims. She even met two of them in person and offered her apologies. Shockingly, it is reported that she apologized to them a total of seven times. Notably, these victims were not the ones who initially informed Dispatch about the bullying allegations. This change of heart and the admission of guilt contradict her previous denials.


Fact Check: Did Kim Hieora Apologize Seven Times?

Dispatch provided evidence in the form of text messages and call logs to substantiate their claims about Hieora’s apologies. In one message, she expressed her hope that the victims wouldn’t misunderstand her. In response, the victims, clearly upset, questioned her actions, asking what she called her physical attacks. Strangely, right after this exchange, Hieora took to her social media to deny all allegations, leaving her victims deeply hurt and confused.


The Victims’ Perspective

One of the victims expressed a desire to believe in Hieora’s sincerity when she apologized in May. They had tried to put the painful memories behind them when they saw her tears. However, the victim’s heart was once again wounded upon seeing Hieora deny the allegations of school violence. They pleaded for her to acknowledge her wrongdoings.


Family Member’s Warning

Dispatch uncovered a comment made by a family member of one of the victims, hinting at a future revelation about Hieora’s past. This comment seemed to suggest that those who hide their dark past while pursuing fame may one day face the consequences.


Facing Public Doubt

Some victims lamented not only the years of bullying they endured but also the new challenge of defending themselves against doubters. They wondered why third parties would come forward to tarnish their reputations and minimize their trauma when they had no knowledge of the actual events.


Supporters Speak Out

On the flip side, there were classmates who came to Kim Hieora’s defense. One person shared their experience of studying together in high school and described her as a friendly and kind-hearted individual. They remembered her as someone who stood out not for being a bully but for her unique style and singing skills. This classmate recounted how Hieora even befriended an introverted student and helped protect them from pranks pulled by other classmates. They emphasized that the bullying rumors didn’t align with their memories of her.



The controversy surrounding Kim Hieora’s alleged bullying is far from settled, with contrasting accounts and emotions on both sides. As the public awaits further developments, the truth about her past actions and the impact on her victims remains a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.