E Did The Corn Kid Die Why Is This Trending


Did the Corn Kid Die?

In the world of the internet, rumors spread like wildfire. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about a 7-year-old boy named Tariq, affectionately known as tSome he ‘Corn Kid.’ unverified whispers suggested that he was involved in a tragic gang shooting and had passed away. But here’s the truth: Tariq, the Corn Kid, is very much alive, and the rumors surrounding his demise are nothing more than baseless gossip.

Tariq himself took to his official TikTok page to reassure his fans and put these rumors to rest. In his own words, he said, “Hi everyone, please don’t believe the rumors of me being dead. I’m alive, healthy, and happy. Wishing you all a Corntastic day!”


False Reports Spark Concern

People started to panic after stumbling upon a fake article claiming, “7-year-old Corn Kid discovered dead last Sunday in gang-related shooting.” This erroneous message quickly spread on Twitter, fueling speculation about Tariq’s well-being. However, it’s crucial to note that the picture accompanying this message was manipulated to suggest Tariq’s passing. The original article was quite different, focusing on the Corn Kid and his viral song, which has taken social media by storm.


 Why is This Trending?

So, why did the Corn Kid suddenly become a hot topic? It all started when certain internet pages falsely accused him of falling victim to local gang violence. This alarming claim prompted fans and admirers of the young boy to dig deeper into his situation.

Tariq first gained fame during the previous summer when he appeared in a Playtime Therapy video, where he professed his profound love for corn. This video quickly went viral on Instagram and TikTok, even inspiring a unique song created by TikTok users.


 The Rise of the Corn Ambassador

Tariq, the famous “Corn Kid,” has since partnered with well-known companies like Chipotle and Mr. Beast Burger. He even received the honorable title of South Dakota’s “corn-bassador.” However, recent online rumors suggested that Tariq had met an unfortunate end due to a “gang-related shooting.” Let’s clarify once again that these rumors are entirely false. Tariq is alive and thriving.


 Who is the Corn Kid from TikTok?

You might be wondering who this Corn Kid really is. Well, his real name is Tariq, and he captured hearts with his genuine excitement about the existence of corn. Recognizing his remarkable contribution, South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem declared September 3, 2022, as “Corn-bassador Tariq Day” in his honor.

Tariq has recently embarked on two exciting ventures. Firstly, he has been appointed as South Dakota’s Corn Ambassador, a title well-deserved. Secondly, he had the privilege of attending the premiere of the “Pinocchio” live-action movie. Additionally, he has joined Cameo, a platform that allows fans to request personalized shout-outs from celebrities.


The Viral Corn Kid Video

In Tariq’s viral video, he opens up about himself and his unwavering love for corn. This heartwarming video has amassed over 3.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1.9 million views on Instagram, and an astonishing 23 million views on TikTok. In the video, Tariq shares his fondness for various activities, including playing games like hide-and-seek.


 Time to Stop Spreading Fake Rumors

In a world where rumors can easily spiral out of control, it’s essential to fact-check before spreading information. Tariq’s case serves as a reminder that false reports can be distressing and misleading. Let’s all do our part in ensuring that we verify information before sharing it with others.

Were you also alarmed by the false reports of the Corn Kid’s demise? Have you seen any of Tariq’s videos before? Share your thoughts with us.

In conclusion, the Corn Kid, Tariq, is very much alive and continues to spread his love for corn and positivity on social media. It’s time to put these false rumors to rest and celebrate the joy he brings to his fans.