Fact check: Is Annette Goerner Leaving CTV News? Where Is Annette Goerner Going?



Rumors have been swirling about Annette Goerner’s departure from CTV News. Internet users are eager to uncover the truth about where this seasoned news anchor will be heading next. Annette Goerner is a highly respected radio journalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Her expertise spans both radio and television, making her a versatile and skilled broadcast journalist. Known for her ability to deliver compelling stories under pressure, she is a trusted leader and an effective communicator. Goerner is never afraid to ask the tough questions and is always ready to share information with her audience. Let’s delve into the details surrounding her retirement.


Is Annette Goerner Leaving CTV News?

The news of Annette Goerner’s departure from CTV News has left her fans in shock. Many have questioned whether this announcement is merely a rumor. To put any doubts to rest, it’s official: Annette Goerner is indeed leaving CTV News. The veteran journalist herself confirmed this news through her social media channels. On Friday, August 4, Annette took to Instagram to announce her resignation as the host of CTV News.

For an impressive 23 years, Goerner has dedicated herself to reporting for CTV News. Throughout her career, she has garnered immense love and support from her loyal fan base. Her Instagram account has been flooded with messages from fans expressing their sadness at her departure. As soon as the news of her resignation broke, fans couldn’t help but wonder about Annette Goerner’s future endeavors. Could they expect to see her on other shows soon? As of now, Annette has not disclosed any specific plans for her future. It remains uncertain whether she will continue to grace television screens with her presence or if she will explore other opportunities with different networks.

In her Instagram post, Goerner candidly shared that after dedicating herself to CTV News for many years, her body and heart have been signaling that it’s time to retire. She expressed her desire to take a step back from her demanding job and focus on spending quality time with her family and friends. While Annette may reveal her future plans in the days to come, for now, they remain a mystery. Having been one of CTV News’ longest-serving hosts, Annette Goerner’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions.


Annette Goerner’s departure from CTV News marks the end of an era for both the journalist and her devoted fans. Her decision to retire and embrace new chapters in life is met with mixed emotions. While her fans will undoubtedly miss her presence on the network, they also respect her choice to prioritize her well-being and cherished relationships. As Annette takes this step towards retirement, we can only hope that she will find fulfillment and happiness in whatever path she chooses to follow. The legacy of this esteemed journalist will undoubtedly endure, and her contributions to the world of journalism will be remembered for years to come.