Fact check: Is Bomma B dead or alive? UK Rapper Bomma B death hoax debunked



 The Misleading Reports

Reports about the well-known UK rapper, Bomma B, initially suggested that he had passed away, causing concern among fans and the music community. However, recent updates from his family shed light on the real situation.


The Versatile Artist

Bomma B, whose real name is Josiah Bogle, hails from Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is not just a rapper but also an entrepreneur and a family man.


His Musical Journey

With a strong presence on Instagram under the handle “bommab0121,” Bomma B connected with over 11,000 devoted fans. His music on Spotify gained over 500,000 streams, and he had more than 130,000 listeners.


 Impactful Albums and Tracks

His albums, “Bombs Still About” and “Russian Bully Bear Boyz,” played a crucial role in expanding his fan base. One of his most famous tracks is “Ay.Ay.Ay.Ay.”


Beloved Family Man

Beyond his music career, Bomma B was a loving father of three, showing his deep commitment to his family through his online presence.


Setting the Record Straight

Contrary to misleading reports, Bomma B is not dead. The false information was spread on Facebook by a user named Gemma Fox, but it has been debunked by a family member on Instagram.


 The Real Situation

Josiah Bogle, also known as Bomma B, is indeed alive. However, he is facing a severe health challenge and is currently on life support.


 Request for Support

Bomma B’s family asks for prayers and well-wishes for his recovery. They are also working to provide updates on his condition.

In recent days, there has been a whirlwind of confusion and concern surrounding the health of UK rapper Bomma B. Initial reports suggested that the talented artist had tragically passed away. However, it is essential to clarify that these reports were not accurate. Josiah Bogle, affectionately known as Bomma B, is alive, although he is currently in critical health.