Is Garth Brooks Really A Serial Killer



Is it possible that the beloved country music icon, Garth Brooks, is hiding a sinister secret as a serial killer? The internet has been buzzing with this outrageous claim for years. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the origins of this bizarre rumor and shed light on the truth behind it.


The Start of the Joke

Back in 2018, Garth Brooks innocently posted a video on Instagram, announcing his upcoming stadium tour. Little did he know that one seemingly harmless phrase would turn into an internet sensation. When he mentioned “getting physical playing music,” it caught the attention of comedian Tom Segura from Your Mom’s House (YMH) Studios.

The Comedic Twist

Tom Segura, known for his sharp wit and humor, decided to have some fun with Garth’s statement. In a playful video, Segura and his co-hosts jokingly claimed that Garth Brooks was a serial killer with a yard full of buried bodies. It was all in good fun, with no serious allegations involved. Fans of YMH Studios couldn’t get enough of this wild and hilarious theory.

The Internet Hysteria

The concept of a country music legend like Garth Brooks having a secret graveyard in his backyard was too absurd not to spread. Fans started flooding Brooks’ social media comment sections with references to him burying bodies. Some even pointed out supposed coincidences where missing persons cases occurred in places where Garth had performed. However, no concrete evidence has ever supported these claims.

The Ongoing Joke

For years, Garth Brooks seemed unfazed by the recurring comments and jokes about him being a serial killer. He never asked his fans to stop, and the humor continued to thrive. Tom Segura, on his podcast, maintained his playful jabs at the singer with segments like “Where Are The Bodies Garth” and “Garth Brooks Sucks.”

The Blockade

Eventually, Garth Brooks became aware of Tom Segura’s ongoing joke, and it seems he didn’t find it all that amusing. He decided to block Segura on social media, signaling his displeasure with the comedian’s relentless ribbing. However, this hasn’t put an end to the serial killer jokes, as fans continue to perpetuate them.


The Unresolved Mystery

The big question remains: will Garth Brooks ever address this humorous conspiracy theory? Some believe it would be the only way to put an end to the ongoing joke. However, Brooks may be hesitant, fearing he could upset his loyal fanbase or potentially alienate them. Meanwhile, Tom Segura shows no signs of stopping the jests that have made him a hit on the internet.



In the world of internet rumors, even the most outlandish claims can gain traction and become part of the cultural zeitgeist. The notion of Garth Brooks as a serial killer is undoubtedly one of the most bizarre and comical. While the country music icon may have blocked Tom Segura, the jokes persist, leaving us to wonder if this peculiar situation will escalate further.