Fact check: Is Karl Lagerfeld Cat Choupette Still Alive?



The world is abuzz with questions about Karl Lagerfeld’s cherished feline companion, Choupette. Many wonder if this precious pet is still with us or has departed. In this article, we provide you with all the details about Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat. Keep reading for the full scoop.


The Enigmatic Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld was a renowned fashion designer hailing from Germany. His impressive portfolio includes esteemed fashion houses like Balmain, Patou, and Chloe. Additionally, he held the role of creative director at the prestigious Italian fashion house, Fendi. Known for his distinctive style, Lagerfeld was recognized for his iconic black sunglasses, trademark white hair, fingerless gloves, and his penchant for detachable collars. Many are keen to learn more about his indelible mark on the fashion industry. This was a glimpse into the world of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Now, the spotlight turns to his cherished feline companion, Choupette. The question on everyone’s mind: Is Choupette still with us, or has she crossed the rainbow bridge?


The Curious Case of Choupette

Reports and rumors have swirled regarding the status of Karl Lagerfeld’s treasured cat, Choupette. Some sources suggest that Choupette is alive and well, living a comfortable life. Lagerfeld himself expressed a profound connection with his feline friend, a bond he hadn’t anticipated. It’s evident that she holds a special place in his heart. Although invited to the 2023 Met Gala, Lagerfeld opted to remain at Choupette’s side.

Choupette is not merely a pet; she is family. Karl Lagerfeld has an immense love for animals, a passion that shines through in his relationship with Choupette. He fondly refers to her as “Choupette,” a term he also uses for those he finds endearing. The name itself, derived from French, means “sweet.” Choupette is cared for by two dedicated attendants who ensure she leads a pampered and comfortable life.


Clarifying the Rumors

Rumors had circulated, insinuating that Choupette was unwell or, worse yet, that she had passed away. We are pleased to put those rumors to rest. Choupette is in excellent health and continues to share her days with Karl Lagerfeld. The deep affection he holds for her is immeasurable. His love for animals is a testament to the importance of compassion and companionship in his life.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Net Worth

While Karl Lagerfeld’s net worth remains a subject of interest for many, precise figures are not readily available. We will be sure to update you with accurate information as soon as it becomes available. Rest assured, the rumors regarding Choupette were nothing more than unfounded speculation. She is thriving, enjoying her days alongside Karl Lagerfeld.