Fact check: Is Koko Mantsha Dead or Alive? Where Is Koko Mantsha From Skeem Saam?



In the world of South African television, few characters have captured hearts and stirred curiosity like Koko Mantsha from Skeem Saam, portrayed by veteran actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi. With her rich acting talent, she has left an indelible mark on viewers, sparking questions and rumors about her whereabouts. Today, we unravel the mystery and bring you the facts surrounding Koko Mantsha’s presence in Skeem Saam.


The Enigmatic Koko Mantsha

Koko Mantsha is more than just a character; she’s a cultural icon. Lydia Mokgokoloshi’s portrayal of this beloved figure has earned her a dedicated fan following over the years. People from all walks of life have been enchanted by her exceptional acting prowess. Yet, questions have arisen, and many have wondered why she seems to have disappeared from the show.


Koko Mantsha’s Mysterious Absence

Rumors have swirled on the internet, suggesting that something might have happened to Koko Mantsha or the actress who brings her to life. Fans have been left perplexed, searching for answers about her absence from the show. However, let’s put these rumors to rest and uncover the truth.


Koko Mantsha: The Break from Acting

The truth is that Lydia Mokgokoloshi, the gifted actress behind Koko Mantsha, decided to take a break from acting. This decision came after she had portrayed the iconic character since the inception of Skeem Saam back in 2011. It’s essential to note that this break was not an abrupt departure but rather a considered choice.


A Respectable Career

Throughout her illustrious career, Lydia Mokgokoloshi has consistently delivered exceptional performances. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to the role of Koko Mantsha are evident in her work. Despite the rumors, the actress remains a vital part of the show, albeit in a reduced capacity.


Koko Mantsha’s Ongoing Presence

While viewers may see less of Koko Mantsha on screen, she has not vanished from the storyline altogether. The spokesperson for the soapie, Sumanya Mogola, confirmed that Lydia Mokgokoloshi is still part of Skeem Saam. She will continue to make appearances, even though her screen time has diminished.


A Well-Deserved Break

In 2020, Koko Mantsha’s character storyline took her away from Turfloop in Limpopo, allowing Lydia Mokgokoloshi to take a well-deserved break. This change in the character’s narrative allowed the actress to step back from the hectic shooting schedules while remaining connected to the show’s essence.


The Future Awaits

For fans eagerly awaiting Koko Mantsha’s return, there is hope on the horizon. Lydia Mokgokoloshi’s legacy in Skeem Saam endures, and she remains an integral part of the show’s tapestry. Her artistic contributions and the impact of her character will not be forgotten.


Conclusion: The Truth About Koko Mantsha

In the world of television, rumors can often overshadow the facts. In the case of Koko Mantsha and Lydia Mokgokoloshi, the truth is clear. While her presence on-screen may be less frequent, she is very much a part of Skeem Saam’s family. Her remarkable career and enduring legacy continue to inspire viewers and fellow actors alike. So, rest assured, Koko Mantsha lives on, leaving an indomitable mark on the show’s legacy.