Fact Check: Is Lucasfilm Fired Kathleen Kennedy?



In recent times, Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, has become the center of attention on the internet. The public’s curiosity about her and the swirling viral news concerning her has driven many to seek information about her personal life. In this article, we aim to provide our readers with insights into Kathleen Kennedy and address the ongoing viral news surrounding her. Read on to uncover the facts.


Kathleen Kennedy: A Figure in the Spotlight

Kathleen Kennedy, the accomplished president of Lucasfilm, has often found herself in the public eye. This isn’t a recent development but a continuation of the scrutiny she’s faced since her involvement in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Over time, numerous YouTube videos and social media posts have speculated about her role within the company. Now, rumors are circulating that her recent professional status is in question due to the box office performance of Indiana Jones 5. Let’s delve deeper into these claims and separate fact from fiction.


The Viral Rumor Mill: Is Kathleen Kennedy “Fired”?

Rumors suggesting that Kathleen Kennedy has been “fired” from Lucasfilm emerged following a tweet by user @Thwipt_. This Twitter user, known for both accurate and inaccurate Disney-related leaks, ignited a firestorm of speculation by stating that “Kathleen Kennedy is now gone from Lucasfilm.” The internet erupted with this news. To add fuel to the fire, screenwriter Kamran Pasha claimed in a YouTube interview that his Disney insider source had also alluded to unusual developments surrounding Kennedy. According to Pasha, there was an abrupt decision to grant Kennedy two weeks of paid leave—a move that raised eyebrows given its timing alongside the release of Indiana Jones.


The Verdict: Kathleen Kennedy’s Current Status

Despite the buzz and fervor surrounding these claims, the reality is quite different. Kathleen Kennedy remains employed by Lucasfilm, and there has been no official announcement of her being “fired” from her position. To clarify, she has held the role of Lucasfilm president since 2012. It’s worth noting that she was personally selected by George Lucas, the mastermind behind Star Wars, to lead the company after he sold Lucasfilm to The Walt Disney Company. Under Kennedy’s leadership, Lucasfilm produced various Star Wars films, including the latest trilogy, standalone films like “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and the highly successful “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”


Navigating Fan Reactions

Kennedy’s tenure at Lucasfilm has been marked by both successes and criticism. While the company achieved significant milestones with her at the helm, some fan responses to new endeavors have been less than favorable. The mixed reactions are not limited to one project but encompass several, including the reception of “Dial of Destiny.” Kennedy’s role and her impact on Lucasfilm remain a topic of passionate discussion among fans.



As rumors continue to swirl around Kathleen Kennedy’s status at Lucasfilm, it’s essential to rely on verified information. The facts indicate that she remains in her position as the president of Lucasfilm. The dynamics of fan reactions and opinions about her leadership continue to evolve, but for now, Kennedy continues her work at the helm of this iconic company. Stay tuned for any official updates, and remember that the internet’s rumor mill often spins stories that require fact-checking.