FACT CHECK: What Happened To Kevin Hart’s Brother?



Managing family ties can be challenging, even for someone as famous as Kevin Hart. The beloved comedian, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shares his life story with an elder brother named Robert Hart. While Kevin’s star has risen to the highest heights in Hollywood, Robert’s journey took a different path.


Growing Up Together:

Kevin and Robert Hart spent their formative years under the care of their mother, Nancy Hart. While Kevin’s life has been an inspiration to many, his elder brother’s story is equally intriguing. Robert ventured into the world of professional pool playing, showcasing the remarkable talents that run in their family. These brothers stand out as some of the most gifted individuals in the entertainment industry.


Robert’s Troubled Past:

Robert Hart’s life took a dark turn, quite different from Kevin’s path to stardom. In Kevin’s own words, his mother gave Robert a considerable amount of freedom, but he used it to make a series of self-destructive choices. Kevin disclosed in his 2019 Netflix docuseries, “Don’t F**k This Up,” that Robert had been involved in a gang and had dealt with drugs. He even attempted to steal a purse from an elderly lady, a deed that led to legal consequences and his emancipation.

This turbulent period in Robert’s life created concerns for their mother, who feared Kevin might follow a similar path. Consequently, Kevin’s childhood was marked by strict rules and supervision, shaping him into the hardworking and disciplined individual he is today.


Robert’s Remarkable Transformation:

Despite his tumultuous past, Robert Hart has embarked on a remarkable journey of personal transformation. He has chosen to pursue a career in professional pool playing, striving to become the world’s number one player. On his Instagram profile, he proudly describes himself as an “African American pool player🎱🏆, working to be #1 in the world🌎.” Robert competes on a global scale in various tournaments, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft.


Brotherly Love:

Robert’s journey is not just about personal success; it also reflects the bond between the Hart brothers. He frequently expresses his love and support for Kevin, sharing moments of pride in his younger brother’s achievements. One such instance was when he posted a photo of Kevin’s movie, “Night School,” released in 2018. In the picture, he can be seen pointing at the movie poster, featuring Kevin alongside Tiffany Haddish. Robert referred to himself as the #ProudestBrotherEver, a testament to the unbreakable bond between the two siblings.



In the story of Kevin Hart and his brother Robert, we see a powerful narrative of resilience, transformation, and the enduring bonds of family. While Kevin’s journey has taken him to the pinnacle of comedy and Hollywood stardom, Robert’s path showcases the potential for positive change and personal growth, even after facing adversity. As Robert strives to become the best pool player in the world, he reminds us that with determination and support, anyone can overcome their past and reach for excellence. The Hart brothers’ story serves as an inspiring tale of hope and family ties that have weathered the storms of life, emerging stronger than ever.