FACT CHECK: What Happened To The Captain Of The Costa Concordia?



The Costa Concordia Cruise Disaster In January 2012, over 3000 people boarded the Costa Concordia cruise ship for a dream vacation exploring Italy. The cruise promised luxury and adventure, but it turned into a tragic disaster. Let’s uncover the shocking story of Captain Francesco Schettino and the events that unfolded that fateful night.

A Risky Decision As passengers enjoyed their voyage on January 13, 2012, Captain Schettino made a risky choice. He steered the ship closer to the island of Giglio, deviating from the planned route. Schettino claimed it was to give passengers a better view and to salute other marines. Unfortunately, this decision led to a catastrophic collision with a reef called the Scole Rocks, causing the ship to capsize.

The Aftermath The collision put the lives of 4229 people in danger, and tragically, 32 lives were lost. Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports concluded that the ship was sailing too close to the coastline, in a poorly lit area, and at high speed, which was the root cause of the disaster.

The Theories Behind the Disaster Several theories emerged to explain Captain Schettino’s actions that night:

  1. Passenger Pleasure: Schettino claimed he wanted to provide a better view for passengers.
  2. Love Affair: Allegations arose about an affair with a Moldovan dancer on board, potentially clouding his judgment.
  3. Language Barrier: Schettino blamed a language barrier with the helmsman, but this theory was debunked.
  4. Costa Cruise Negligence: Some believed the cruise company was also responsible due to faulty maneuvers and poor judgment.
  5. Possible Intoxication: Witnesses testified that Schettino may have been intoxicated.


Captain Abandons Ship After the ship capsized, Captain Schettino’s actions were questionable. He claimed to have fallen into a lifeboat and later refused an offer to return to the ship. He also delayed alerting the Italian Search and Rescue Authority, wasting valuable rescue time.

Justice Served In 2016, Captain Schettino was found guilty of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck, and abandoning passengers. He received a 16-year prison sentence. He remains incarcerated in Rome and is expected to be released when he is nearly 80 years old.

Controversial Actions Despite his conviction, Schettino’s actions after the disaster continued to raise eyebrows. In 2014, he was invited to hold a panic management seminar at a university in Rome. In 2015, he published a book that faced harsh criticism for profiting from a tragedy.

Closing Thoughts The Costa Concordia disaster remains a haunting memory of a cruise gone terribly wrong. While Captain Schettino paid the price for his actions, many questions still linger about what truly happened that night. Do you think Schettino was framed by the cruise company, or do you believe he is responsible for the tragedy? Share your thoughts on this tragic incident that shook Italy and the world.