FACT CHECK: Who Is Travis Kelce Dating? Is Travis Dating Taylor Swift?



In recent days, the internet has been buzzing with excitement over rumors suggesting a possible romantic connection between NFL star Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift. Fans and curious onlookers alike have been captivated by this juicy gossip. However, it’s crucial to set the record straight – as of now, there is no official confirmation that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are dating.


Travis Kelce’s Dating Status

Travis Kelce, the 33-year-old football star, has been flying solo in the dating world for a while now. He was previously in a high-profile relationship with Kayla Nicole, which became public knowledge in 2017. However, the two called it quits in early 2022. Since then, Kelce has kept his dating life under wraps.

In the past, Travis Kelce’s love life has been a hot topic, with rumors swirling about his relationships with various high-profile figures. One such rumor linked him romantically with Gracie Hunt, but in 2023, Kelce’s dating status remains a mystery, leaving fans guessing.


Travis Kelce’s Off-Field Ventures

Beyond the football field, Travis Kelce has dabbled in various off-field activities. He even appeared on a reality dating show and hosted Saturday Night Live, in addition to starring in commercials. His fame has also led to connections with celebrities like Maya Benberry and Brittany Matthews Mahomes, although the nature of these connections remains undisclosed.


Taylor Swift’s Dating History

Now, let’s take a peek into Taylor Swift’s dating history, which has been a subject of intrigue for her fans. The talented singer-songwriter has had her share of high-profile relationships. In 2008, she was romantically linked to Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, marking one of her early public romances. The following year, she dated actor Taylor Lautner, and her relationship with singer-songwriter John Mayer in 2009 even inspired one of her songs.

In 2010, Swift briefly dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal, leading to further speculation and songwriting inspiration. Her name was also linked to Conor Kennedy in 2012, a member of the Kennedy family. One of her most publicized relationships unfolded in late 2012 when she dated Harry Styles, a member of the British boy band One Direction.

Swift’s dating life also included a notable relationship with DJ and producer Calvin Harris from 2015 to 2016. Afterward, she briefly dated actor Tom Hiddleston in 2016. However, since 2017, Taylor Swift has been in a relatively private and enduring relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn, one of her most serious relationships.


The Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Rumors

So, why the recent buzz about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Well, it all started when Kelce openly expressed his interest in getting Taylor’s phone number and even crafted a handmade bracelet for her. These actions naturally fueled speculation that there might be something more between them.

Nevertheless, despite the excitement, it’s essential to note that neither Travis Kelce nor Taylor Swift has confirmed their romantic involvement. While the NFL star’s efforts to connect with Swift at her concerts raised eyebrows, recent reports suggest that they are not dating at this time.



In the world of celebrity romance, rumors can spread like wildfire. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift may have set tongues wagging with their interactions, but for now, it appears that they are not officially a couple. Travis Kelce is navigating his post-breakup life, while Taylor Swift recently ended her long-term relationship with Joe Alwyn.