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Trouble in Paradise Just days after Joe Jonas was spotted without his wedding ring, there’s buzz in the air about his marriage taking a rocky turn.

A Sweet Hollywood Couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been a beloved and private Hollywood duo that everyone adored. Sophie Turner recently shared a heartwarming photo of them on Instagram, showcasing their love. During Joe’s birthday in mid-August, she even shared moments with him on her Instagram stories.

The Marriage in Question However, the rumor mill can’t seem to stop churning regarding Joe’s marriage.

Which Jonas Brother Is Seeking a Divorce? It’s Joe Jonas, the middle Jonas Brother, who is reportedly looking to end his marriage with Sophie Turner after four years together. Let’s dive into the details.

Troubled Waters The couple has hit a rough patch, and this news of an impending divorce was initially reported by TMZ on September 3. While there’s no concrete proof yet, it’s suggested that Joe has already taken steps towards seeking legal advice for a divorce.

The Reason Behind the Split So, why is Joe Jonas walking down this path?

Serious Problems Brewing Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been facing “serious problems” in their relationship for the past six months. This revelation has stirred quite a buzz. The couple also has two daughters, born in 2020 and 2022. According to sources close to TMZ, Joe has been shouldering most of the childcare responsibilities over the last three months.

Juggling Responsibilities Their busy lives may have contributed to the strain. Currently, the Jonas Brothers are on tour, while Sophie Turner is engrossed in a filming project in the UK.

No Confirmation Yet As of now, neither Joe Jonas nor Sophie Turner has confirmed the news of their divorce. It’s still a wait-and-watch situation.

After a lovely four-year journey together, it appears that both parties might be considering parting ways. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that no official confirmation has been made yet.

The Met Gala Announcement Notably, they announced their second pregnancy by making a surprise appearance at the 2022 Met Gala.