Fan favorite Lojain Omran spotted at plastic surgery clinic before Dubai Bling



Lojain Omran, a beloved figure on the upcoming Netflix series “Dubai Bling,” is creating quite a buzz. As her opulent life takes center stage on the show, viewers are intrigued by the noticeable changes in her appearance over the years. Although the reality TV sensation has remained tight-lipped about recent plastic surgery rumors, a 2019 post by plastic surgeon Dr. Khurram Javed provides a glimpse into her visits to a UK-certified clinic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Let’s delve into the evolving journey of Lojain Omran’s looks and the speculations surrounding it.


Lojain’s Transformation Over the Years

As fans eagerly await the premiere of “Dubai Bling,” they couldn’t help but notice the striking transformation of Lojain Omran’s appearance. Comparing her current look to older pictures dating back to 2013, it becomes evident that she has undergone several changes. While admirers have lauded her beauty, they are also questioning the extent of her cosmetic procedures.


Social Media Speculations

Lojain Omran’s newfound popularity on “Dubai Bling” has ignited discussions on social media. Fans and viewers have expressed their opinions on her appearance, with some suggesting that she may have undergone various cosmetic enhancements. One Twitter user pointed out similarities between Lojain and LaToya Jackson, speculating about potential skin lightening and a nose job. However, no official confirmation or denial has been made regarding these speculations.


Praises and Admiration

Despite the ongoing speculations, many fans continue to show their support and admiration for Lojain Omran. Her role as a representation of Saudis and Arabs in the show has garnered appreciation. Some fans have described her as “the most beautiful human inside and out.” While cosmetic enhancements may be a topic of discussion, it’s clear that her personality and presence have left a lasting impact on viewers.


Comparing Past and Present

A closer examination of Lojain’s older photos from 2013 reveals subtle differences in her facial features. Her jaw and cheeks appear less prominent than they do today, possibly suggesting the use of dermal fillers. Additionally, her lips appear plumper in recent years. Advances in cosmetic procedures and photo technology could also contribute to these changes. Notably, her skin now appears radiant, and her body exhibits more prominent and curvaceous features.


Silence on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Since the release of “Dubai Bling” on Netflix, Lojain Omran has not officially addressed the plastic surgery rumors circulating online. While her journey in the spotlight is a matter of public interest, she has chosen to remain private about her personal choices.


Visiting a Plastic Surgery Clinic

In 2019, Lojain Omran made headlines when she was spotted at Dermadent Clinic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, cutting the ribbon and seemingly consulting with Dr. Khurram Javed, a plastic surgeon. Dr. Khurram offers a range of cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, abdominoplasty, nose jobs, breast enhancements, facelifts, and more.


An Openness to Beauty Treatments

Lojain’s transparency about beauty treatments is not new. In 2015, she visited Clinica Joelle for weekly skin treatments, which could explain her radiant complexion. Despite the discussions surrounding her appearance, Lojain Omran has remained steadfast in her approach to beauty and personal choices.

In conclusion, Lojain Omran’s journey on “Dubai Bling” has sparked curiosity about her changing appearance. While speculations about plastic surgery abound, her individuality and talent continue to captivate audiences, proving that her influence extends far beyond her physical appearance.