Fan Favourite Anime Characters Named Yuki


Have you ever thought about Japanese names and their unique meanings? One of the most common Japanese names you’ll encounter is YUKI, and it’s a name that frequently pops up in anime series. Today, we’re going to introduce you to 15 fantastic anime characters with the name Yuki. You might be surprised to find out just how diverse and interesting these characters are!


What Does Yuki Mean?

In Japanese, “Yuki” means “Snow.” It’s a name deeply rooted in Japanese culture and often associated with legends, like the Yokai (Ghost/Spirit) known as Yuki-Onna. Interestingly, the name can also symbolize happiness or a delicate snow flower. Yuki is a common name for both Japanese girls and boys, and it’s often given to individuals with a certain beauty, mirroring the legend of Yuki-Onna.


Now, let’s dive into our countdown of the best anime characters named Yuki:

#15 Yuki (Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari): Yuki is not a human; she’s a humanoid robot working as a medical officer for Sirius Platoon. Initially introverted, she eventually opens up and becomes a selfless and caring individual who loves her work.


#14 Yuki Kaizuka (ALDNOAH.ZERO):

Yuki Kaizuka is a carefree girl, known for relying on her brother Inaho for everything. However, she can be determined when needed and becomes a pilot during wartime.


#13 Yuki Sohma (Fruit Basket):

Yuki Sohma is a handsome young man who can captivate hearts with his looks alone. He wears Chinese outfits that suit him perfectly. Despite his rivalry with Kyo, he admires him and is a complex character.


#12 Yuki Yoshida (Given):

Yuki Yoshida is a guitarist with a charismatic charm. He is caring and dominant, but his tragic end is shrouded in mystery.


#11 Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary):

Yukiteru Amano, known as Yuki, is a shy guy who possesses a unique diary. He has an imaginary friend named Deus, who turns out to be a real god. Yuki’s personality is complicated, and he’s thrust into a dangerous survival game.


#10 Ushimaru Yuki (Gakuen Babysitters):

Ushimaru Yuki is a cute and kind-hearted girl who has a crush on Ryuuichi. She’s popular in her class and excels in being gentle and caring.


#9 Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight):

Yuki Cross is a pureblood vampire who initially doesn’t know her true identity. She’s cheerful, energetic, and protective, even though she struggles with her studies.


#8 Yuki Giou (The Betrayal Knows My Name):

Yuki Giou is a handsome member of the Giou clan with a kind and caring nature. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good and is loved by many.


#7 Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura):

Yukito Tsukishiro is an all-rounder with good looks, athleticism, and masterful cooking skills. He’s known for his gentle nature and popularity.


#6 Yuki Hanzoumon (Release the Space):

Yuki Hanzoumon, also known as Hanzo, is a former gang leader who is calm and collected. She’s a quick decision-maker and cares deeply for others.



These are just a few of the amazing anime characters named Yuki. Each character brings a unique personality and story to the world of anime. Whether they’re introverted or outgoing, humans or robots, these Yuki characters have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Next time you watch an anime, keep an eye out for characters named Yuki – you might just discover a new favorite!