Ford’s ‘Very Gay Raptor’ Ad Goes Viral Is The Woke Commercial Real



In recent times, companies have been under the microscope for their stance on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. Ford, the renowned automaker, found itself at the center of a heated debate when an old advertisement resurfaced on social media. The ad, titled “Ford’s Very Gay Raptor Redefines ‘Tough’ for a New Generation,” has stirred controversy and questions about its authenticity. Let’s delve into the details.


The Resurfaced Ad:

The controversial ad in question was originally released on June 21, 2022, but it gained new attention on social media platforms. In this video, two rugged raptors engage in a race while a lively beat plays in the background. However, what caught people’s attention was when one of the raptors drove through water, revealing a glittering gold body adorned with the pride flag pattern.


Addressing Homophobia:

Ford’s caption for this ad suggests that it was created in response to a homophobic comment made about a Ranger Raptor video from the previous year. The company aimed to challenge stereotypes and redefine the concept of “tough” in a modern context.

The Real Deal: Many have questioned whether this controversial Ford ad is real or just a marketing stunt. According to Ford’s official website and a statement dated June 21, 2022, the “Very Gay Raptor” is indeed real. The car is not just a marketing gimmick; it symbolizes Ford’s commitment to combating discrimination, particularly in the automotive industry.


Viral Outrage:

The controversy reached its peak on May 17 when the Ford ad for the “Very Gay Raptor” went viral. Social media users began sharing it with tags like “How to Destroy 120 Years of American History in 1 Minute…” This led to humorous comments from conservationists and critics alike. Some even urged people to stop buying the car to drive its market price down.

Backlash and Boycotts: As the ad gained more attention, the phrase “Go Woke, Go Broke” became associated with it. This phrase underscores the intent of some to boycott companies that support LGBTQIA+ causes. Ford is not the only company facing such backlash; others are also on the radar of those who oppose LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

The Gender of Trucks:

Some comments revealed a misconception that vehicles like Ford trucks have a gender or sexual orientation. Such notions are baseless, but they highlight the polarizing nature of the debate.


Sales vs. Principles:

The controversy raises questions about how companies will respond to ongoing criticism, especially with Pride Month approaching. Will companies that rebrand to show support for LGBTQIA+ causes during Pride Month hesitate to do so this time? It remains to be seen how these businesses navigate the complex intersection of sales and principles.



The controversy surrounding Ford’s “Very Gay Raptor” ad highlights the ongoing debate about corporate support for LGBTQIA+ communities. Whether it’s a genuine show of support or a marketing strategy, it’s clear that such ads can polarize opinions and spark heated discussions. As Pride Month approaches, the world will be watching to see how companies respond to the growing calls for inclusivity and diversity.