Friendship Day 2023 30 July or 6 August?: Dates Around the World



Friendship Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a global celebration of the profound connections that link people together. This day offers people worldwide an opportunity to express their gratitude for the friends who enrich their lives. In 2023, Friendship Day will be celebrated on two significant dates: July 30, recognized as International Friendship Day by the United Nations, and August 6, the date for national Friendship Day celebrations in numerous countries, including India, Bangladesh, and the United States.

These two distinct dates emphasize the universal importance of friendship. Whether it’s Friendship Day on July 30 or August 6, people from all corners of the globe will unite to honor the cherished bonds they share with their friends. This year promises an array of activities and celebrations centered around this heartwarming theme.


Friendship Day 2023: A Brief Overview

July 30, 2023: International Friendship Day, celebrated globally.

August 6, 2023: Friendship Day in India and several other countries.

Common Traditions: Exchanging gifts, sharing meals, sending heartfelt cards, and donning friendship bands.

Friendship Day 2022 Recap: A year filled with successful events, worldwide celebrations, and an abundance of positive social media engagement.

Understanding Friendship Day:

Friendship Day transcends international boundaries, serving as a reminder of the shared human experience and the significance of friendship. This day is steeped in history, with diverse cultures adopting and adapting it, ultimately transforming it into a symbol of unity, love, and connection.


Friendship Day 2023: Dates to Remember

Friendship Day on July 30: On this day, the world comes together to celebrate International Friendship Day. People across the globe engage in special events, activities, and joyous gatherings, marking a universal expression of human connection.

Friendship Day on August 6: Several countries, including India, Bangladesh, and the United States, celebrate their own Friendship Day on this date. They have chosen the first Sunday of August to commemorate this cherished occasion, creating a unique and beloved tradition.


Friendship Day in India:

Friendship Day holds great significance in India, where the bonds of friendship are deeply valued. On August 6, 2023, people throughout India will embrace this special day. They will exchange tokens of affection, enjoy picnics, and attend lively parties, all in honor of their cherished friendships.


International Friendship Day:

International Friendship Day is a global celebration of the power of friendship. It brings together individuals from every corner of the Earth, emphasizing universal themes of empathy, solidarity, and understanding—values that friendships inspire. On July 30, 2023, international events and initiatives will unfold, celebrating these shared ideals.


National Friendship Day:

National Friendship Day is an opportunity to celebrate friendships within specific countries. It highlights the unique customs and traditions associated with friendship in various cultures. In 2023, several countries will observe their National Friendship Day. For instance, the United States will celebrate on August 1, aligning with local customs and friendship values.


Worldwide Friendship Day Celebrations:

Friendship Day is marked by common customs and traditions that bridge cultures. These include exchanging thoughtful gifts, sharing meals or attending events together, sending heartfelt cards, and wearing friendship bands as tokens of affection. Social media also plays a significant role, with hashtags like #FriendshipDay, #Friendship2023, and #FriendshipIsLove trending on this day.


Friendship Day 2022: A Recap:

The previous year’s Friendship Day was nothing short of remarkable. People worldwide joined hands in celebration, coming together to share messages of friendship, joy, and unity. Friendship Day 2022 set a precedent with numerous successful events, inspiring initiatives, and a palpable sense of global togetherness.



Friendship Day embodies the essence of human connection. It serves as a day of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for the future. As we look forward to the joyous celebrations of Friendship Day 2023, let us embrace the profound significance of our friends. Whether we observe Friendship Day on July 30 or August 6, the message remains clear: Friendship is love, and it binds us all together.




Q1: When is International Friendship Day in 2023?

A: International Friendship Day will be celebrated on July 30, 2023.


Q2: When will India celebrate Friendship Day in 2023?

A: India will celebrate Friendship Day on August 6, 2023.


Q3: What are common ways to celebrate Friendship Day?

A: Common ways to celebrate include exchanging heartfelt gifts, sharing meals or attending events together, sending cards filled with affection, and wearing friendship bands.


Q4: Why are there two dates for Friendship Day in 2023?

A: The two dates represent the international observance on July 30 and the national observances in various countries on August 6.

Friendship Day reminds us of the enduring power of friendship, transcending borders and cultures to unite people worldwide in celebration of their cherished bonds.