“Get to know the Gold Rush White Water cast, Kayla, James, Dustin and co



The Gold Rush White Water crew is back for a thrilling fifth season, continuing their quest for gold at McKinley Creek in Haines Borough, Alaska. Unlike the original Gold Rush series, this spin-off follows their daring journey using suction dredges and venturing into treacherous waters.


A New Chapter: Season 5 Unveiled

The latest season of Gold Rush White Water debuted on November 5th, 2022, bringing fresh excitement to fans. Viewers can catch the action every Friday at 9 PM ET on Discovery, with episode 16 scheduled for March 18th, 2022. Notably, this season witnessed a significant shift as White Water veteran Fred Hurt stepped back, allowing his son, Dustin, to lead their dredging operation.


Introducing the Brave Crew

The Gold Rush White Water ensemble comprises key figures including Fred and Dustin Hurt, Paul and Wes Richardson, Carlos Minor, James Hamm, Scott Allen, Kayla Johanson, and Mark Stamper. While some, like Fred and Dustin Hurt, Paul and Wes Richardson, and Carlos Minor, have been part of the Discovery Show since its inaugural season, James Hamm joined in season 3, and Scott Allen joined the crew in season 4. Season 5 welcomed Kayla Johanson and Mark Stamper, adding new dynamics to the team.


Connect with the Adventurers on Instagram

Dive deeper into the lives of the Gold Rush White Water cast members by following them on Instagram, where they share glimpses of their off-screen adventures. Discover Kayla Johanson’s world at @kaylanuggetjohanson, where she identifies as a gold dredger and jewelry creator, even running an Etsy shop named The Peeking Doe. Stay updated with Dustin and Fred Hurt’s escapades on Twitter via @GoldrushDustin and @dakota_fred_hurt, respectively. For a closer look at James Hamm’s interests beyond gold hunting, find him on Instagram as @jameshammgoldhound, where he describes himself as a “gold hound, skier, snowboarder, and outdoorsman”.


A Brotherhood of Diverse Talents

The Gold Rush White Water team is a diverse ensemble, bringing a range of skills and experiences to their daring pursuits. From divers and former firefighters to claim owners, carpenters, and Marine veterans, each member contributes a unique facet to their collective journey. With reality TV fame now a part of their lives, many of them actively engage with fans on social media, providing an extra dimension to their adventures.


Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Lives of the Fearless

The Gold Rush White Water cast members are more than just adventurers; they are a close-knit team of individuals with their own stories and strengths. As they continue their quest for gold in the heart of Alaska, fans can join them on their thrilling journey through television and social media. Their experiences, both on and off-screen, add depth to the captivating world of Gold Rush White Water.