Handbags at dawn as Kim and Kris fight over Lego Chanel clutch – but North wins in the end



Late fashion legend Carl Lagerfeld stirred up a little family feud when he presented a bespoke Lego Chanel clutch to Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother. Covered in glistening crystals, the clutch was a unique runway piece that never made it into production. This unexpected gesture led to some unexpected emotions.


Kim’s Frustration Unveiled

In 2013, while Kim was in the midst of a pregnancy with her eldest, North, Carl Lagerfeld’s surprise gift took center stage. Kim, longing to pass down this exquisite bag to her unborn child, watched in dismay as it was handed to her mother. The moment left her teary-eyed and feeling a mix of emotions, especially given her hormonal state.


A Plan Thwarted

Kim didn’t hold back on her feelings. She confided in her cousin, Cici Bussey, expressing her frustration over the unexpected turn of events. She had envisioned the Lego clutch becoming a cherished display piece in North’s room. However, fate had a different plan.


A Provision for the Future

While the clutch now rests in Kris Jenner’s possession, Kim revealed an intriguing provision in her mother’s will. Should the unthinkable occur, and Kris passes away, North will inherit this sparkling Chanel masterpiece. It stands as a testament to both its value and the love that flows through their family.

In this tale of high-fashion drama, a Lego Chanel clutch became not just an accessory, but a symbol of familial bonds and a promise for generations to come. With a provision in place, this unique piece is destined to find its way into North’s embrace, keeping the legacy of Carl Lagerfeld alive in their hearts.