How Did Ai Hoshino Die In Oshi No Ko Who Killed Her

Aka Akasaka, the creator of the popular rom-com series Kaguya-sama: Love is War, surprised fans with her latest work, Oshi no Ko, which gained instant fame following its first episode last week. In an unusual move, the anime’s debut stretched over one and a half hours, leaving viewers stunned with its unexpected plot twists. Oshi no Ko swiftly claimed the top spot on MAL (MyAnimeList) after its debut, and one of the most shocking moments occurred when Ai Hoshino, the beloved idol, met her tragic end.

Meeting Ai Hoshino In the first episode of Oshi no Ko, we meet a nameless doctor who is a devoted fan of the idol Ai Hoshino. His dream of meeting her comes true when she unexpectedly arrives at his hospital, pregnant with twins. The doctor supports her decision to start a family, but tragedy strikes when he is killed by an unknown assailant.


The Unsettling Demise of Ai Hoshino

A pivotal moment arrives when Ai Hoshino, in episode 1 of Oshi no Ko, decides to reconnect with the father of her children, Aqua and Ruby. Although we only hear Ai’s side of the conversation, she provides him with her new address. One fateful morning, an unknown visitor rings the doorbell of their hotel room. Ai opens the door, only to be fatally stabbed in the stomach, leaving her to slowly succumb to her injuries as her children, Ruby and Aqua, watch helplessly.

Unmasking the Culprit Ai’s killer is revealed to be Ryusuke, her stalker. In a chilling twist, Ryusuke claims that his actions were a result of feeling betrayed as a devoted fan when Ai decided to have children. In her dying moments, Ai expressed her love for her fans and even remembered Ryusuke’s name, cherishing a gift he had given her at a fan-meet event.

This unexpected confession prompts Ryusuke to break down emotionally, eventually leading him to take his own life. However, the mystery deepens as the prime suspect in the leak of Ai’s address remains unknown, with only one person having knowledge of her whereabouts.

Revealing Aqua and Ruby’s Father In Chapter 96 of Oshi no Ko, the identity of Aqua and Ruby’s father is unveiled—it is none other than Hikaru Kamiki, a ruthless serial killer known for targeting female idols, and the mastermind behind Ai Hoshino’s tragic fate.

Hikaru maintains a charming public facade, making him a less obvious suspect in his crimes. His modus operandi involves manipulating innocent girls into doing his bidding before ultimately disposing of them. Ai Hoshino fell victim to his sinister plans when he got close to her and orchestrated her demise.

Hikaru’s strategy often involves using others to carry out his murderous acts, as seen with Ryusuke’s involvement in Ai’s death. While he was initially hesitant to commit murder himself, he has grown bolder over time and is now willing to get his hands dirty.

Aqua’s Quest for Justice With the revelation of Hikaru Kamiki as the mastermind behind Ai Hoshino’s death, Aqua embarks on a mission for justice and to avenge his mother’s tragic end. Despite the arduous journey ahead, Aqua is determined to confront Hikaru and ensure that Ai’s death is avenged.



The unexpected twists and turns of Oshi no Ko have kept fans on the edge of their seats, with the shocking revelation of Ai Hoshino’s killer sending shockwaves through the story. As Aqua sets his sights on retribution, the future of Oshi no Ko promises to be a gripping tale of justice, revenge, and the enduring love of a devoted fan for his idol.