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 Jungkook’s Recent Controversy

BTS’ Jungkook, known as the youngest member, has been making headlines with his album ‘Seven’ reaching the top of charts worldwide. However, a new issue about his personal life has stirred things up.


 The Leaked Video

Recently, a video of Jungkook surfaced, showing him smoking during his visit to Los Angeles, US. In the video, he is seen wearing a black t-shirt, having a relaxed chat with a friend while smoking.


Fans’ Reactions

The video quickly spread online, leading to mixed reactions from BTS fans, known as the ‘Army.’ Some who have followed Jungkook since BTS’ debut were upset, seeing him in a new light. They still think of him as the young kid.

However, others, who see Jungkook as an adult, defended his choice. They believe that smoking is a personal decision, and fans shouldn’t interfere.


 Jungkook’s Autonomy

It’s important to note that the video was taken without Jungkook’s permission, offering a glimpse into his private life. It’s only fair that he should have control over his choices. He’s grown up, not the little Bunny Jungkook anymore, and can make decisions independently.


 Concerns about Health

Many fans are worried about the health risks associated with smoking. But, as an adult, Jungkook must have considered the consequences before starting. While criticism online may be voiced, it won’t dictate his choices.


Cultural Differences

Some people who aren’t BTS or K-pop fans wonder why it’s such a big deal for an idol to smoke. In Korea, idols are often expected to maintain a flawless image, even to the point of not dating. This situation mirrors the reaction to Jungkook’s smoking.


 Industry Pressures

Unlike Hollywood, where celebrities can sometimes move on after facing controversies, in Korea, it can be career-ending. Smoking, though not illegal, can lead to severe backlash and even legal consequences.


Hybe’s Response

BTS’ company, Hybe, hasn’t commented on the issue yet. It’s uncertain whether Jungkook will face restrictions on public smoking in the aftermath.


Jungkook’s Musical Success

Putting aside the controversy, Jungkook continues to make waves in the international music scene. His solo single, ‘Seven,’ debuted at the top of the Billboard 100 in the USA, breaking records in several countries and gaining popularity on social media.


 Jungkook’s Personal Statement

Fans have showered Jungkook with praise for his solo work. ‘Seven’ is more than just a song; it’s a personal statement from Jungkook, showcasing his exceptional vocals and performance skills.



Jungkook’s smoking controversy has sparked a range of opinions among fans and outsiders alike. As he navigates this issue, his musical achievements remain undeniably impressive.