How did Devin Butts die? Tribute pours in as North Carolina Central basketball player dies at 22



The internet is abuzz with somber news, as the sudden demise of Devin Butts, a prominent North Carolina Central University basketball player at the tender age of 22, leaves many in shock. The university has officially confirmed this heart-wrenching news, prompting a surge of searches for details surrounding this tragic event. In this article, we aim to provide you with all the available information on this untimely loss.


A Bright Star Fades Away

Devin Butts was not only a skilled player but also a beloved individual. Regular patrons of Rivals Barbershop in Durham, like Damien Jones, express their deep sorrow at his passing, emphasizing his potential for a bright future. Known for his positivity and the love he spread, Devin’s presence left a lasting mark on those around him.


Words of Remembrance

Nasha Colson, Devin’s sister, shared poignant sentiments about her brother, describing him as possessing an extraordinarily gentle spirit. The profound loss is felt deeply by family, friends, and the community at large. Despite the outpouring of grief, details regarding the cause of Devin’s passing remain undisclosed. The family, understandably, is processing this painful event and has chosen to remain private during this difficult time.


Seeking Answers

Efforts are underway to establish a connection with Devin’s family. Any updates or additional information that may shed light on this tragic event will be promptly shared. Devin was on the verge of a significant milestone, set to receive his bachelor’s degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences this summer. His journey led him through New Mexico Junior College and Louisiana before finding a home at North Carolina Central University.


Conclusion: A Community Mourns

The loss of Devin Butts reverberates through the hearts of those who knew him, leaving a void that cannot be easily filled. As we collectively mourn the passing of this young athlete, we hold space for his loved ones in our thoughts. Should further information come to light, rest assured that we will be the first to share it. Our deepest condolences go out to all affected by this profound loss.