How Did Hange Zoë Die In Attack On Titan



Hange Zoë, a crucial character in Attack on Titan, met a heroic and selfless end in the final moments of the series. Their sacrifice played a pivotal role in the battle against Eren’s devastating rampage. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Hange’s final moments, the reasons behind their decision, and the impact of their sacrifice.


Hange’s Heroic Sacrifice:

Hange’s journey in Attack on Titan was filled with dedication to understanding the Titans. As the 14th Commander of the Scout Regiment, they led Paradis Island’s research efforts to unravel the mysteries of these colossal creatures. However, their story took a heartbreaking turn as they faced the Colossal Titans in a battle that marked the end of their Survey Corps career.

In a brave act of selflessness, Hange chose to stay behind to confront the approaching horde of Colossal Titans while their comrades repaired a flying boat, their only hope for escape. This decision was rooted in their belief that the younger soldiers had a better chance of survival, and it was their duty as a senior member to ensure this outcome.


The Sacrificial Act:

As the Titans closed in, Hange valiantly fought back using Thunder Spears and blades, despite the immense heat and vapor emitted by the Colossal Titans. The burns they suffered were excruciating, but they persevered, ensuring the flying boat took off safely. The manga leaves Hange’s fate somewhat ambiguous, with no confirmed death, but it hints at a reunion with fallen comrades in the afterlife.


The Reasoning Behind Hange’s Sacrifice:

Hange’s sacrifice wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment decision. They understood the critical role of Titan Shifters in the impending showdown with Eren’s Founding Titan. By staying behind to hold off the Colossal Titans, Hange ensured that the others could escape and fulfill their destiny.


Impact on the Story:

Hange’s selfless act had a profound impact on the final arc of the Attack on Titan plot. By naming Armin as the new commander, they entrusted him with the responsibility of leading the Survey Corps to victory. Armin’s strategic brilliance played a pivotal role in defeating Eren and ending the Titan Rumbling. This decision, although difficult, ultimately contributed to their side’s triumph.


Hange’s Departure Chapter:

Hange’s sacrifice occurs in Chapter 132 of the Attack on Titan manga, titled “The Wings of Freedom.” This chapter marked a turning point in the series, setting the stage for the climactic battle against Eren.



After Hange’s sacrifice, they find themselves on trampled ground, seeking reassurance about the flying boat’s successful departure. In a poignant moment, Erwin assures them that their sacrifice was not in vain. This reunion with fallen comrades was what Hange had always envisioned during their time as the Commander.


Hange’s Gender Identity:

One intriguing aspect of Hange’s character is their undisclosed gender. The creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, deliberately left this aspect open to interpretation, allowing readers to form their own perceptions. While the anime portrays Hange as female, the manga maintains gender neutrality, with Kodansha Comics removing gendered pronouns.


Legacy and Descendants:

The series does not reveal any descendants of Hange, as most Survey Corps members seldom survived long enough to start families. However, Hange’s unique chemistry with Levi and their lasting impression on the audience remains a memorable part of the series.



Hange Zoë’s sacrifice in Attack on Titan was a testament to their unwavering dedication to the cause and their comrades. Their selfless act set the stage for the ultimate showdown against Eren’s devastating power. As we reflect on Hange’s journey, we can appreciate the depth and complexity of this character and the impact they had on the series’ outcome.