How did Larry Mahan die? Tribute pours in as American cowman Died Of An Accident Or Cancer



We bring you the details surrounding the cause of Larry Mahan’s death. Larry Mahan, a renowned American former professional rodeo cowboy, has left a lasting legacy in the world of rodeo. Join us as we pay tribute to this legendary figure and uncover the circumstances of his passing.


A Rodeo Icon

Larry Mahan’s name is synonymous with rodeo excellence. He achieved remarkable success throughout his career, securing six all-around world championships and two bull riding world championships in the Rodeo Cowboys Association circuit at the prestigious National Finals Rodeo. His contributions to the world of rodeo were so significant that he was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in 1979, recognized for his extraordinary achievements in the all-around category. Furthermore, in 2010, Larry Mahan received the distinguished honor of being named a Legend of ProRodeo.


A Legacy Beyond Rodeo

Larry Mahan’s influence extended beyond the rodeo arena. He dedicated himself to passing on his rodeo expertise by managing rodeo schools. Additionally, his line of Western apparel bore his name, reflecting his passion for the Western way of life. After retiring from rodeo competition in 1977, Larry Mahan ventured into ranching and acquired a ranch near Phoenix, Arizona.


Larry Mahan’s Cause of Death

The cause of Larry Mahan’s passing remains unconfirmed, but there are speculations that he may have battled cancer. Reports suggest that he had been facing health challenges related to myeloma, a form of blood cancer that originates from plasma cells within the bone marrow, often referred to as multiple myeloma. The news of Larry Mahan’s passing sent shockwaves through the rodeo world, with many expressing their grief and condolences on social media platforms.

Larry Mahan departed from this world on May 6, 2023. His passing was confirmed through posts on social media and news outlets. The news came as a sudden and painful blow to his loved ones, family members, and colleagues. Although cancer is suspected as the cause of his death, it has not been officially confirmed by reliable sources. The loss of a beloved family member is a heart-wrenching experience, and our thoughts are with those who are grieving during this difficult time.


A Champion’s Journey

Larry Mahan’s journey in professional rodeo commenced when he was just 14 years old. In 1963, he entered the world of rodeo competition with the Rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA). Over the years, he achieved remarkable success, clinching five championship titles between 1966 and 1970, as well as another in 1973. His excellence extended to the PRCA circuit at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), where he secured six world championships in the all-around category and two in bull riding.


A Celebrated Documentary

Larry Mahan’s impact on rodeo was so profound that it became the subject of a documentary. “The Great American Cowboy” explored his remarkable comeback in 1973 and his fierce competition with Phil Lyne. The documentary’s compelling narrative earned it the prestigious Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1974.

Larry Mahan’s legacy as a rodeo legend and his contributions to the Western way of life will always be remembered. Our hearts go out to his loved ones during this time of mourning.