“How did Mallory Grossman die? Parents whose daughter died by suicide reach $9.1M settlement



After enduring a heartbreaking loss, the family of Mallory Grossman finally receives a measure of solace. The school district has agreed to a $9.1 million settlement, marking a significant step towards acknowledging the tragedy. It has been six years since the devastating loss of 12-year-old Mallory, whose untimely passing sparked a legal battle against the school district. In this article, we unravel the events surrounding Mallory’s passing and the unwavering determination of her parents, Dianne and Seth Grossman, in seeking justice.


The Tragic Loss

In 2017, Copeland Middle School, situated in Rockaway Township, witnessed the heart-wrenching loss of Mallory Grossman. At just 12 years old, Mallory succumbed to the immense emotional strain brought about by relentless cyberbullying from her peers. The weight of this torment became too much for the young girl to bear, leading to her tragic decision. The Grossman family’s pursuit of justice began a year after Mallory’s passing, as they sought accountability from the Rockaway Township school district, the board, the principal, and the municipality.


A Legal Battle for Accountability

Dianne and Seth Grossman, Mallory’s grieving parents, embarked on a challenging legal journey to ensure that their daughter’s untimely passing would not be in vain. With unwavering determination, they faced the complexities of the legal system to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Bruce Nagel, the family’s legal representative, emphasized the relentless bullying that Mallory endured, stating, “One year ago, on June 14, sixth-grader Mallory Grossman… [died by suicide] after being relentlessly bullied by four of her classmates.” The court’s decision, announced on July 26, marked a significant milestone in their pursuit of justice.


A Message Against Bullying

The settlement, while providing a measure of closure, serves as a resounding message to schools nationwide. It underscores the urgency of implementing stringent anti-bullying measures to safeguard the well-being of students. Bruce Nagel expressed that this verdict should serve as a wake-up call, compelling schools across the country to prioritize the safety and mental health of their students. The Grossmans, through their foundation “Mallory’s Army Foundation,” are dedicated to raising awareness about the pervasive issue of bullying within schools. Their mission is clear: to empower children to be compassionate individuals and to educate parents on creating safe environments for their children.


Conclusion: Turning Tragedy into Advocacy

In the wake of an unimaginable loss, Dianne and Seth Grossman have transformed their grief into a powerful force for change. Their unwavering pursuit of justice for Mallory serves as a testament to their love for their daughter and their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of students everywhere. As the Grossmans continue their advocacy, Mallory’s memory lives on, inspiring a collective effort to eradicate bullying and create a safer, more compassionate world for children.