How did Snoochie Shy and Jeremy Vine become friends



Snoochie Shy, the lively Radio 1Xtra host, has been giving fans a sneak peek into her personal life on the latest season of “I’m A Celebrity.” One of the friends she’s already close to is the well-known broadcaster, Jeremy Vine. In this article, we’ll uncover the story of how these two seemingly different individuals forged a genuine friendship.


Snoochie’s Castle Adventure

Snoochie Shy has brought her infectious personality to the castle this year, even revealing her facial birthmark for the first time. As she bonds with fellow campmates like Frankie Bridge and Kadeena Cox, many are curious about her unique friendship with Jeremy Vine outside the jungle.


A Surprising Friendship Begins

Snoochie and Jeremy might not seem like natural friends at first glance, but their journey started when they appeared on Channel 4’s “Celebrity Gogglebox” together. It was on Episode 6 of Series 3 that their sweet friendship first came to light. The Twitterverse was abuzz with questions about their unlikely pairing, with some wondering how they could be friends.


The Origin of Friendship

The unlikely duo’s friendship blossomed when they co-presented audio awards in 2020. Snoochie, representing Radio 1Xtra, and Jeremy, working for Channel 5, joined forces at the Advertising Producers Association event. It was during this time that they must have realized they had a unique connection. In November of that year, Snoochie even referred to Jeremy as her “new bestie” on Instagram.

However, their first encounter happened a few months earlier when they went out for dinner. During this dinner, they even took on a shot challenge together, solidifying their bond.


A Shared Passion

Jeremy Vine values his friendship with Snoochie and has described her as a “cool DJ.” He took to Facebook after presenting the APA awards with her, writing, “I did enjoy working with Snoochie Shy (cool, famous DJ).” This caption accompanied a photo of Jeremy climbing bike stands while Snoochie stood with her arms crossed. It’s evident that their mutual passion for broadcasting has contributed to their strong connection.


Reflections on Celebrity Gogglebox

Jeremy Vine had the chance to share screen time with Snoochie on “Celebrity Gogglebox,” and he couldn’t be happier about it. He shared, “I am friends with Snoochie Shy, and I got to spend time with her, which is great.” Their time together on this show likely deepened their friendship further.



In the world of showbiz, friendships can blossom in the most unexpected places. Snoochie Shy and Jeremy Vine’s friendship, born from a shared passion for broadcasting, has warmed the hearts of their fans. While they may seem like an unlikely duo, they prove that genuine connections can happen when you least expect them. Their friendship is a reminder that sometimes, the best friendships are the ones that surprise us the most.