How did Ted Blom die? Tribute pours in as Energy expert dies at 64 due to Illness



Recently, the news of Ted Blom has made waves across the internet, and people are eager to learn more about him as they search for information online. Concerns about his health have been circulating, and in this article, we aim to provide you with all the details about his health and personal life. Read on to find out more about Ted Blom’s illness.


The Cause of Ted Blom’s Death

Ted lom, a well-known activist and energy expert, dedicated most of his life to fighting corruption in South Africa. He was renowned for never shying away from speaking his mind. Sadly, Ted Blom lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 64. His family took to Facebook to announce his passing on a Wednesday morning. The loss of this beloved family member has left the Blom family heartbroken and devastated. They remember Ted Blom as a man of honor, integrity, and unwavering principles. Ted Blom departed on Friday, April 29, 2023, as confirmed by his son, Edward Blom. He spent his last moments at Linksfield Hospital.

Reports suggest that Ted Blom fought a long and arduous battle with cancer before his passing. His family described him as a man of great respect, dignity, and strong moral values. He dedicated his life to protecting his loved ones and fighting corruption in South Africa. Despite facing various challenges, Ted Blom continued his fight, even while battling cancer.


A Friend’s Tribute

Sandra Dickson, a longtime friend of Ted Blom and founder of Stop COCT, spoke fondly of him. She described him as one of the most outspoken, sincere, and diligent activists. Ted Blom’s responsibilities included exposing wrongdoing at Eskom, aiding South African Trade Unions in wage negotiations, assisting municipalities in dealing with rising Eskom costs, and always being straightforward and honest in his approach. Sandra Dickson also mentioned that Ted Blom never hesitated to voice his opinions.

Sandra Dickson revealed that Ted Blom courageously battled aggressive cancer for two years and did everything possible to combat this potentially fatal illness. She emphasized that he never complained or spoke negatively about his condition and maintained a positive attitude throughout. Ted Blom was not just an energy expert; he was a dedicated father to Edward Blom and a loving husband to his wife.


Tributes Pour In

The passing of Ted Blom has led to an outpouring of tributes from friends, colleagues, and admirers. He leaves behind a legacy of unwavering dedication to his principles and his relentless fight against corruption.

Ted Blom’s life and work have made a lasting impact, and he will be remembered for his courage, integrity, and commitment to a better South Africa.