How old are the Sister Wives and when did Kody Brown marry them all?



Kody Brown, the central figure in TLC’s Sister Wives, embraces a polygamous lifestyle. Born in 1969, he’s 53 years old and hails from Wyoming. This devoted husband and father of 18 adheres to the Mormon faith and is known to work in online advertising.


Meet the Sister Wives

Kody’s life revolves around three remarkable women. His legally recognized wife is Robyn, who is 43. Meri, his first wife, is 51, and Jenelle, another of his beloved wives, is 53. The closeness in their ages reflects the strong bond they share as a family.


Christine’s Brave Choice

Christine, Kody’s former wife and a significant part of the Sister Wives story, is 50. Last year, she made the courageous decision to part ways with Kody. Their relationship had begun to show strain, particularly regarding intimacy, and Christine expressed a desire to move closer to her older children in Utah. Despite the separation, she conveyed warm regards for Kody and the entire family.


Unraveling the Marriage Tapestry

Kody’s marital journey might seem intricate, but let’s simplify it. Kody and Meri became legally married in 1990, marking her as his first wife. This legal union remained intact until 2014, when they amicably separated. This pivotal step enabled Kody to legally marry Robyn.

In 1993, Jenelle entered Kody’s life through a plural marriage, followed by Christine in 1994. Christine, who was part of the family until recently, played a vital role in the Sister Wives narrative.