How old is Captain Sandy from Below Deck?



As Below Deck sets sail for its milestone 10th season, fans are delighted to welcome a familiar face from the Mediterranean spin-off series – Captain Sandy. With captains requiring extensive industry know-how, many are curious about Captain Sandy’s age.


Introducing Captain Sandy Yawn

In 2017, Captain Sandy Yawn made her debut on Below Deck Mediterranean during its second season. Her extensive maritime background, spanning over three decades, has solidified her reputation as an accomplished captain.


A Glimpse into Captain Sandy’s Age

Born on February 23, 1965, Captain Sandy is currently 57 years old. Her maritime journey began in her early twenties, reflecting her remarkable dedication and longevity in the industry. Her story is one of determination and a commitment to excellence.


Love Afloat: Captain Sandy’s Relationship

While not married, Captain Sandy shares her life with her girlfriend, Leah Rae Shafer. Their enduring partnership of four years became public knowledge in 2019, just prior to the airing of the fourth season of the spin-off series. Together, they host the ‘Captain Sandy and Leah Rae Show’ podcast, where they delve into various subjects, including their relationship and entrepreneurial ventures.


A Season of Transition

Season 10 of Below Deck witnessed a significant shift. Owing to ongoing health concerns, Captain Lee, a beloved figure in the show, had to step down. In his stead, Captain Sandy stepped up, taking the helm as the relief Captain. Captain Lee’s nerve injury had left him unable to walk, necessitating his temporary departure. Fans, while saddened by his absence, rallied on social media to express their support for Captain Sandy.


A Community’s Resounding Support

The announcement of Captain Sandy’s arrival evoked a wave of emotions from fans. Their excitement and love for both captains filled the digital sphere. One fan joyfully exclaimed, “There’s nothing quite like jumping and screaming with excitement ‘Captain Sandy’ in the middle of my apartment.” Another shared heartfelt sentiments, “Omg! I cried when Lee left and cried when Sandy came on! Love you both! Cap feel better soon!!”


Conclusion: A Season of Transition and Enduring Passion

As Captain Sandy takes the reins in this milestone season of Below Deck, viewers are in for an unforgettable journey. Her years of expertise and unwavering commitment to her role are testament to her remarkable career. With fans eagerly following her adventures, Captain Sandy’s presence promises to leave an indelible mark on this season.