How old is Zachariah Smith on American Idol?



Zachariah Smith, a 19-year-old talent from Mississippi, has captivated the hearts of American Idol viewers with his impressive voice and devotion to his family.


Love and Family

Zachariah is happily married to Crysta Wilkerson, a 32-year-old with three beautiful children. Their journey together began shortly after Crysta’s divorce from her previous partner.


A Peek into Zachariah’s Background

Before stepping onto the American Idol stage, Zachariah spent his days as a cook at Bill’s Hamburgers in Amory, Mississippi. His dedication to his craft and family shines through in his performances.


The Backbone of Zachariah’s Life

During Hollywood Week, Zachariah shared touching words about Crysta, emphasizing her pivotal role in his life. He expressed, “My wife, she’s my backbone. She’s what keeps me running. My kids are my world.”


Heartfelt Moments Beyond the Stage

Zachariah’s Instagram paints a heartwarming picture of his life. From enchanting family outings at Disneyland to touching tributes to his mother, his posts resonate with love and gratitude.