IGT: India’s Got Talent 10, Today’s Episode, 12th August 2023, Contestants Performances



The tenth season of India’s Got Talent has been captivating audiences with its remarkable talents and entertainment. With its recent episode airing on 12th August 2023, the show continues to hold high TRP ratings, captivating the hearts of viewers across the nation. Today, we bring you an overview of the performances that left the audience in awe.


The Show’s Format and Auditions

This year’s edition of India’s Got Talent retained much of the same format as the previous season. Notably, both Online Auditions and Producers’ Auditions made a return, marking a significant step forward as COVID-19 restrictions eased. The show has garnered a dedicated fan base, drawn in by the exceptional displays of talent, from dance routines to powerful vocal performances. The sheer variety of skills on display is a testament to the show’s diversity.


Promising Talent and Eager Contestants

The promotional videos for this season promised an enthralling experience, and the contestants certainly delivered. Each performer showcased a unique talent, captivating the hearts of viewers and amassing a dedicated following. The esteemed panel of judges, including the renowned Shilpa Shetty and Badshah, warmly welcomed the new addition – Anupam Kher. While they missed Kirron Kher, Anupam Kher’s presence injected a fresh energy into the show.


Anupam Kher’s Playful Banter

In a light-hearted moment, Arjun Bijlani suggested that Anupam Kher try wearing a saree to pay homage to Kirron. Anupam, with his trademark wit, cheekily declined the suggestion. The camaraderie among the judges brought a delightful dynamic to the show. The latest promo for India’s Got Talent 10 featured a lively dance performance by Anupam, Shilpa, and Arjun, leaving Shilpa Shetty in awe of Anupam Kher’s talents.


Conclusion: An Array of Talents on Display

The contestants of India’s Got Talent 10 continue to astound with their incredible abilities. From heart-stopping dance routines to soul-stirring musical performances, the talent showcased on the show is nothing short of extraordinary. The introduction of Anupam Kher as a judge has brought a fresh perspective, complementing the existing panel seamlessly. To catch all the exhilarating performances, tune in to Sony TV. Stay tuned for more updates right here, as we bring you the latest from the world of India’s Got Talent.