Imlie Written Update 29th June 2023: Today’s Episode



In the latest episode of “Imlie,” which aired on June 29, 2023, we witnessed an emotional interaction between Arto and Imlie. Here’s a breakdown of the key events from the episode:


Arto’s Concern for Imlie

The episode began with Arto expressing his concern for Imlie’s well-being. He asked her if she was alright, showing genuine care for her. In a heartwarming moment, Arto and Imlie held hands, leaving palm prints on a board. Their connection was evident, and it touched the hearts of those present.


Chinese Guests’ Emotional Reaction

The Chinese guests, moved by the touching moment between Arto and Imlie, were visibly emotional. Imlie’s departure from the scene left a lasting impact on them, highlighting the depth of the emotions portrayed in this episode.


Kia’s Perspective

Kia, on the other hand, seemed to have a different view. She commented that Imlie always seems to disrupt situations. Devika, however, had a more positive approach as she took Chini to Arto and encouraged him to smile in front of the guests.


Misunderstanding Arto

There was a misunderstanding concerning Arto. Sugar misjudged his behavior, thinking that he was unaware of what was happening around him due to the chaotic circumstances. Arto clarified that he was, in fact, aware of everything transpiring.


Imlie’s Support for Dhairya

Imlie noticed that Dhairya was feeling isolated and lonely within his own family. She approached him and initiated a conversation about his feelings. She expressed her understanding of his loneliness and resolved to prove her innocence in the ongoing family drama.


Carrie’s Silence

Arto attempted to talk to Carrie, who was upset, but she chose to remain silent, explaining that she preferred not to lose her patience. Sugar stopped Arto from pursuing her further and advised him to give Carrie some time to collect herself.


Anu’s Playful Marbles

Anu, looking to lighten the mood, placed marbles on the stairs, creating a playful moment. However, this resulted in Kairi accidentally slipping and falling down the stairs.


Imlie’s Quest for CCTV Footage

In her determination to clear her name, Imlie approached the security to request CCTV footage from the day of the accident. Unfortunately, the security informed her that there was no footage available for that day.


A Dramatic Turn of Events

As Carrie fell and Arto rushed to her aid, she revealed that Dhairya was responsible for her fall. Arto lost his temper upon hearing this accusation. Imlie, who happened to be passing by, intervened and saved Patience from further harm.


Rudra’s Warning to Arto

Rudra issued a warning to Arto, advising him to regain control of the situation. Arto expressed his frustration, stating that no one seems to see Patience’s true nature, and Imlie always defends her.


Imlie’s Surprising Announcement

In a surprising twist, Imlie declared that she was going to marry Dhairya. This revelation shocked everyone. Arto questioned her ability to marry Dhairya if she had tried to harm him. Imlie defended herself, stating that her intent was not to harm anyone, and if she could marry Sugar, she could marry Dhairya as well.


Mixed Reactions

The family had mixed reactions to Imlie’s decision. Devika supported her right to choose but advised her to maintain distance from Arto and Chini. Rudra and Shivani blessed Dhairya and Imlie, announcing that they would get married the next day.


Kia’s Perspective

Kia believed that Imlie’s actions were driven by a desire for attention and to outshine Sugar. Rudra, however, supported Imlie’s decision.


Arto’s Warning

Arto warned Imlie that she could make her own choices but cautioned her to stay away from his family.

The episode left viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment of “Imlie” to see how these dramatic developments unfold.