Indian Idol 13 Elimination This Week: Who get eliminated from Indian Idol 2023?



Indian Idol 13 continues to capture the hearts of viewers with its exceptional talent and engaging performances. This reality show has showcased incredible singing abilities, making it a cherished program for many. In this update, we’ll delve into the recent episode, highlighting the contestants’ progress and the eliminations that have taken place. Stay tuned for all the exciting details.


Indian Idol 13: Recent Episode Highlights

The latest episode of Indian Idol 13 was nothing short of a musical celebration. The spotlight was on the legendary musician, Bappi Lahiri, as the contestants paid tribute to his iconic songs. Aditya, our charismatic host, warmly welcomed Bappi Lahiri’s daughter, Rema Lahiri, and his grandson, Rego B. Rema Lahiri expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the judges for dedicating a segment to her father, allowing everyone to relive cherished memories through his timeless music.


Contestant Update: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

Here’s a quick rundown of the current contestants:

  1. Sonakshi Kar: A Competing Contender
  2. Shivam Singh: A Competing Contender
  3. Rishi Singh: A Competing Contender


Unfortunately, we bid farewell to the talented:

  1. Navdeep Wadali: Eliminated on 26th February 2023
  2. Anushka Patra: Eliminated on 11th December 2022
  3. Sanchari Sengupta: Eliminated on 13th November 2022
  4. Vineet Singh: Eliminated on 8th January 2023
  5. Rupam Bharnarhia: Eliminated on 27th November 2022
  6. Kavya Limaye: Eliminated on 8th January 2023
  7. Pritam Roy: Eliminated on 30th October 2022
  8. Shagun Pathak: Eliminated on 16th October 2022


Sonakshi’s Spectacular Performance

Sonakshi Kar stole the show with her mesmerizing rendition of the song “9 Lakkha.” Her heartfelt performance left the judges in awe, garnering praises for her remarkable talent. The judges, along with our esteemed guest, showered her with accolades, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and appreciation.


Conclusion: The Musical Journey Continues

Indian Idol 13 continues to be a platform that showcases exceptional talent, leaving audiences captivated. As the competition intensifies, each contestant brings their unique flair to the stage. Stay tuned for more updates on this incredible musical journey. Don’t miss out on the next episode, as it promises more exceptional performances and unforgettable moments.