India’s Best Dancer, 10th September 2023, Written Update



Dazzling Dance Show

India’s Best Dancer, a show that’s captured the hearts of many, is back for its third season. If you’re a fan, you already know what a spectacular dance reality show it is. Produced by Frames Production India and originally airing on Sontv OTT platforms, this show has gained immense popularity thanks to its incredible contestants. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the latest highlights from the show.


Show in Two Languages

This season, India’s Best Dancer has expanded its horizons by including Marathi as one of the spoken languages. It serves as the perfect stage for contestants to showcase their dancing talents, and the participants have indeed been wowing the audience with their exceptional skills. With two successful seasons preceding this one, the excitement for this new installment is palpable.


Promising Preview

The show’s promo videos have promised an engaging and entertaining season. One of the major highlights is the grand entry of the renowned and beautiful actress, Raveena Tandon. Her illustrious career in Bollywood is well-known, and her presence on the show is highly anticipated.


Spectacular Performances

Aniket, one of the contestants, delivers a jaw-dropping performance alongside his choreographer. Their routine is filled with sharp and impressive moves that are sure to leave a lasting impact on the audience. This season is all about pushing the boundaries of dance.


Unique Challenges

Adding a fun twist to the show, contestant Jai challenges the boys to transform into girls and wear sarees within a tight time frame, resulting in hilarious attempts that leave the judges in stitches, unable to contain their laughter. Anjali, another contestant, showcases her remarkable talent with a superb and mind-blowing performance. Her sharp moves impress both the judges and the special guests, earning her well-deserved praise.


Diverse and Outstanding Performances

Every performance on the show promises to be different and unique. The judges shower goodwill comments on the contestants, making it a truly heartwarming experience. The variety and talent on display in India’s Best Dancer are a testament to the incredible diversity of dance forms in India.


Tune In for More

For those eagerly waiting to watch these incredible performances, the show airs on Sony TV at 8 P.M. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates as the season unfolds. It’s going to be an entertaining journey filled with exceptional talent and unforgettable moments.



India’s Best Dancer continues to captivate audiences with its amazing contestants, unique challenges, and dazzling performances. With Raveena Tandon’s grand entry and the promise of extraordinary talent, this season is not to be missed. So, mark your calendars for the 8 P.M. slot on Sony TV and get ready for a dance extravaganza like no other.