Is ‘John Travolta’ Really Gay



John Travolta, the iconic heartthrob of the 70s, known for his charismatic presence in movies, has long been a subject of speculation regarding his sexual orientation. With his rugged charm and striking looks, he became a symbol of masculinity, but rumors about his personal life have persisted for decades.


John Travolta’s Early Controversy

In the 80s, an adult film actor, Paul Baressi, claimed to have been in a relationship with Travolta. Baressi alleged that their connection began in a bathhouse, but doubts were cast on his credibility due to his involvement in dubious dealings. Eventually, his claims lost traction, leaving Travolta’s reputation largely intact.


Douglas Gotterba’s Revelations

During the same era, another man, Douglas Gotterba, came forward, asserting that he had a six-year-long relationship with Travolta. Gotterba, a former pilot, disclosed their travels together but also mentioned how Travolta would sometimes use women as a front. Despite his detailed account, solid proof of his claims remained elusive.


Allegations and Lawsuits

After these controversies, John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991, and they had three children. In 2012, two masseurs filed sexual battery lawsuits against Travolta, alleging inappropriate advances in 2009. However, Travolta’s team denied these claims, citing the emotional turmoil caused by the loss of their eldest son, Jett.


Scientology’s Involvement

In September 2022, a former senior member of the Church of Scientology, Mike Rinder, published a memoir alleging that he witnessed Travolta kiss a male masseur. Rinder also claimed that the Church of Scientology played a role in concealing Travolta’s relationships to protect their image.


John Travolta’s Perspective

John Travolta, who was happily married to Kelly Preston until her passing in 2020, has always denied these rumors. He had public relationships with various women throughout his life. Travolta has emphasized that these allegations were never proven in court.

He also pointed out that celebrities facing such rumors often find it challenging to defend themselves, and he believes that individuals should have the right to disclose their sexual orientation on their own terms, rather than succumbing to rumors or public pressure.



While John Travolta’s sexual orientation has been a subject of speculation for many years, concrete evidence remains scarce. The actor has weathered controversies and legal battles, maintaining his stance on his personal life. In a world where celebrities are increasingly held accountable for their actions, the truth may one day surface. However, the final say about his sexual orientation should rest with John Travolta himself, respecting his privacy and individual choice.