Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC

Laurie Felt, the famous fashion designer and beloved QVC personality, has surprised her fans by revealing her departure from QVC and the fashion industry after a remarkable journey spanning over two decades.


Who Is Laurie Felt?

Let’s start by getting to know Laurie Felt better. Laurie Felt is a well-known fashion designer renowned for her comfortable and stylish denim creations. With a career spanning 25 years, she has collaborated with many famous clients and left her mark on the fashion world.

Laurie Felt joined hands with QVC in 2013 when she introduced her renowned brand, Laurie Felt Los Angeles, to the network. Her infectious enthusiasm for fashion and bubbly personality quickly made her one of QVC’s most adored personalities.


Why Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC?

On April 14, 2023, Laurie Felt shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram, announcing her departure from QVC and the fashion industry. Her primary reason for this decision is to dedicate more time to her family. She expressed her gratitude to her fans and followers for their unwavering support throughout her QVC journey.


What Does This Mean for QVC?

Laurie Felt’s exit from QVC undoubtedly leaves a void in the network’s lineup of fashion icons. Her loyal fanbase regularly tuned in to her shows, making her one of the most cherished personalities on the network. QVC now faces the task of finding a suitable replacement, but history suggests they are up to the challenge.


What Is Next for Laurie Felt?

As for Laurie Felt’s future plans, they remain uncertain. Although she’s leaving the fashion world for now, her passion for fashion makes it hard to imagine her staying away forever. Currently, her main focus is her family, as she steps away from the fast-paced fashion realm.

Laurie Felt has been remarkably private about her family life, but what is known is her deep connection with her loved ones. She is married to Jon Feltheimer, the CEO of Lions Gate Entertainment, and they have three children together. Their enduring 23-year marriage has been a source of inspiration for many.

Felt’s family values trace back to her own upbringing, where her mother and grandmother played pivotal roles in shaping her life and values. She often speaks of their influence on her.


The Future of Laurie Felt Los Angeles

In addition to her QVC journey, Laurie Felt also managed her own fashion brand, Laurie Felt Los Angeles. Unfortunately, as part of her departure from the fashion world, she has announced the closure of her brand. This news might disappoint her fans, but she plans to host a final clearance sale, giving fans one last chance to acquire her remarkable denim designs.



Laurie Felt’s departure from QVC and the fashion industry is a heartfelt goodbye for her devoted fans. Her influence in the fashion world was significant, and her absence will be deeply felt. However, her decision to prioritize family is commendable, and her fans wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

Laurie Felt has always been a trendsetter and an inspiration, and there’s no doubt that her next steps, whatever they may be, will continue to impact and inspire others.