Is MAPPA Animating Berserk All Rumors Explained



The Berserk series, much like its main character, Guts, has had a rocky road when it comes to its anime adaptations. Fans have been vocal about their disappointment, from the 1997 anime’s pacing to the strange mix of CGI and 2D animation in later adaptations. In 2021, the manga’s creator, Kentaro Miura, passed away, leaving both his creation and his fans in mourning. But now, there are rumors swirling on social media about MAPPA taking on the Berserk project. Are these rumors true? Let’s delve into the world of Berserk and its anime adaptations.


Is MAPPA Animating Berserk?

As of now, there’s been no official word from MAPPA or the Berserk production team regarding a new anime adaptation. Trustworthy sources and leakers on social media platforms haven’t dropped any hints either. So, it seems safe to say that MAPPA or any other studio isn’t currently working on Berserk.

However, that doesn’t mean Berserk won’t get a new anime in the future. Given its popularity as a manga, it’s a strong candidate for an anime adaptation. When any new series is announced, you can be sure we’ll keep you updated.


Why Have All the Berserk Anime Been Criticized?

The journey of Berserk in the world of anime has been a bumpy one. Even the 1997 adaptation, which sticks closest to the source material, falls short of perfection. They did their best with the technology available at the time, but it naturally pales in comparison to today’s anime. Plus, it adapted the Golden Age arc, which didn’t begin until volume 3 of the original manga.

The 2016 adaptation, however, took things a step further in the wrong direction. The mix of 2D animation and CGI created an unnatural and off-putting visual style. Animation quality suffered, and characters and angles felt out of place.

In essence, Berserk has yet to receive an anime adaptation that truly honors its source material. Any future adaptations will have to contend with the sky-high expectations of its dedicated fanbase.


Why Can’t Berserk Get a True Anime Adaptation?

If you’ve read Berserk, you might wonder why it hasn’t received a faithful anime adaptation yet. With its complex and gripping story, along with a passionate fanbase, what could possibly go wrong? It turns out there are several factors hindering Berserk’s potential in the world of anime.

First and foremost, Berserk contains extremely graphic scenes of violence and is unflinchingly explicit in its portrayal of topics like rape and child abuse. Any adaptation would inevitably require heavy censorship, compromising the integrity of the story and leaving gaps in the narrative.

One solution would be to release the unedited, explicit scenes exclusively on a paid streaming service like Netflix. However, striking such deals is a complex process, and studios might prefer to avoid the added complications.

Secondly, Berserk boasts a staggering 370+ chapters. While it’s set to conclude soon, that’s still a massive amount of content to adapt. Condensing too many chapters into one episode would result in pacing issues, and skimping on details would be seen as a disservice to Miura’s work.

Moreover, with Berserk having been on hiatus for an extended period, its fanbase has dwindled, and it’s no longer the hottest property in the industry. For studios, taking on such a project might be seen as a risky endeavor.

Another challenge lies in replicating Miura’s intricate artwork in the anime. The unique art style and attention to detail in the manga would be difficult to reproduce faithfully on screen. All these factors combined make it uncertain whether Berserk will receive a suitable anime adaptation in the near future.


In conclusion

while the possibility of a new Berserk anime continues to tantalize fans, there’s no concrete evidence that MAPPA or any other studio is currently working on it. The hurdles of censorship, episode count, and art style make it a challenging project. However, for the devoted Berserk enthusiasts, hope remains that someday the beloved manga will receive the anime adaptation it truly deserves.