Is Maya Hawke Gay Who Is She Dating

Is Maya Hawke Gay Who Is She Dating


Maya Hawke’s Relationship Status Maya Hawke, known for her role in Stranger Things, has been a subject of curiosity regarding her sexuality and dating life. We’re here to clarify the rumors and give you the latest scoop on her romantic endeavors.

Maya Hawke’s Confirmation Despite her convincing portrayal of a lesbian character in Stranger Things, Maya Hawke has confirmed that she is straight. Her on-screen chemistry with Robin might have raised questions, but in reality, Maya identifies as heterosexual.


Maya Hawke’s Current Relationship

Maya Hawke’s romantic journey took a turn in February 2022 when she started dating Spencer Barnett. The introduction was made by her brother, Levon Hawke, which brought the two lovebirds together. Their relationship is no secret, as they have been spotted together multiple times, not shying away from a bit of public display of affection (PDA).


 Maya Hawke’s Family Background

Before delving into Maya’s romantic life, let’s clear up another misconception. Some have wondered if Maya Hawke is related to the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk. The answer is no; they share no family ties. Maya Hawke’s parents are renowned actress Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawke. The family resemblance is striking, and Maya has certainly inherited her parents’ acting talent.


Maya Hawke’s Dating History

Maya Hawke, who is still in her early twenties, has kept her dating life mostly private. There isn’t much dating history to uncover at this point. However, there is one notable relationship worth mentioning. Maya was in a relationship with Tom Sturridge, known for his role as Dream in the critically acclaimed series, The Sandman. Despite the significant age gap, with Maya being 22 and Tom being 34, their relationship lasted for about two years before coming to an end.


Who Is Maya Hawke’s Boyfriend?

Maya Hawke’s current boyfriend is Spencer Barnett. This talented musician has released over 20 songs and was introduced to Maya by her brother, Levon Hawke. While Maya and Spencer have not publicly confirmed or denied their relationship, paparazzi pictures suggest that they are deeply in love. Despite the lack of social media posts about their romance, it’s evident that these two rising stars share a special connection.


In My Conclusive View:

To sum it up, Maya Hawke is not gay, despite her compelling portrayal of a lesbian character on Stranger Things. She is currently in a relationship with musician Spencer Barnett, introduced to her by her brother Levon. Maya’s dating history is relatively private, but she did have a previous relationship with actor Tom Sturridge. So, there you have it – the latest on Maya Hawke’s dating life and her clarification about her sexual orientation.