Is The Flash Ezra Miller Trans?



Ezra Miller, known for their role as The Flash, has been a topic of discussion due to their gender identity and a series of controversies. Let’s delve into their identity and the implications it holds.


Ezra Miller’s Non-Binary Identity

Ezra Miller openly identifies as non-binary, using they/them pronouns. They’ve been a fashion icon, challenging gender norms with their androgynous style. While some embraced their identity, others questioned whether they were transgender.


The Impact of Allegations

In 2020, their beloved image took a hit as allegations emerged. An 18-year-old accused Miller of manipulation and isolating them from their parents, and another parent claimed grooming of their 12-year-old child. Furthermore, several women accused Miller of physical assault, supported by visual evidence and testimonies. They faced multiple arrests for various offenses, tarnishing their reputation.


Hollywood’s Response

Despite these serious allegations, Hollywood seemed to shield Miller, raising concerns about the #MeToo movement. This controversy, as Issa Rae puts it, reflects a broader issue within the industry.


Ezra Miller’s Gender Identity Clarified

Contrary to assumptions, Ezra Miller is not transgender. In a 2018 interview, they stated that they do not identify as a man or a woman but as queer. Categorizing them as transgender perpetuates harmful stereotypes and plays into the hands of anti-transgender activists.


The Danger of Misconceptions

Misconceptions about transgender individuals have been used to fuel prejudice and discrimination. Some prominent figures, like J.K. Rowling, have propagated the idea that trans women are not “real women,” using instances like Ezra’s to support their arguments.


Mental Health and Misconceptions

Ezra has cited mental health issues as a factor in their past behavior. This has been exploited by trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) who argue that being transgender is a mental disability. Therefore, it is crucial to separate Ezra’s actions from the transgender community.


The Flash’s Premiere

Ezra Miller is set to return as The Flash in a new movie premiering on June 16, 2023.



The controversy surrounding Ezra Miller’s gender identity and allegations is complex. It is important to respect their identity as non-binary and avoid labeling them as transgender, which can perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The consequences of their actions remain a subject of debate, but understanding their identity is a step towards a more inclusive and informed conversation.