Is The Viral Giant Irish Greyhound From 1902 Real?



The Mystery of the Enormous Irish Greyhound

The internet has been buzzing with a peculiar image of an oversized Irish Greyhound dog, purportedly dating back to the year 1902. This image, which has gone viral, is now under scrutiny as it turns out to be the creation of artificial intelligence (AI). The colossal canine never actually existed in the early 1900s. The picture was initially shared by an AI enthusiast on Facebook, leaving many to wonder about its authenticity.


A Closer Look at the Mysterious Image

Upon close examination, the image showcases an abnormally large dog sitting beside an unidentified man. The setting in the picture and the unkempt appearance of the dog, with its dark, enigmatic eyes, contribute to an eerie atmosphere. The caption accompanying the image asserts that it was taken in 1902 and portrays the last of its kind. The picture’s brownish tint and style are reminiscent of the time, making it appear astonishingly convincing. Consequently, the image garnered a significant number of retweets and likes, leading social media users to question its legitimacy.


 Internet Speculations and Tall Tales

As is often the case on the internet, individuals began to join the discussion, attempting to authenticate the image or even fabricate elaborate stories surrounding it. One claim asserted that the dog’s name was Hogan, and it was the cherished companion of a man named Dan Donovan. It was further alleged that this remarkable dog stood at a towering 28 inches and weighed approximately 90 pounds, significantly larger than the average greyhound.

Another tale suggested that the dog was named Finnegan and stood even taller at 32 inches, weighing a staggering 105 pounds. It quickly became evident that everyone was exaggerating both the image and the narrative connected to it.


Unmasking the Origin of the Image

After thorough investigation and curiosity from internet sleuths, it was revealed that the image was initially shared on a Facebook group by a user named @Antonie Joe. This group serves as a platform for sharing AI-generated images and includes a description that sets the tone for the eerie and uncanny artworks created by AI. @Antonie Joe had previously uploaded numerous similar and eerie AI-generated images within the group.

A user on claimed to be the original poster (OP) and indicated that they had tagged the image as AI-generated, created with the assistance of a tool called Midjourney. However, this claim remains unverified.


The Lesson Learned: Question Everything on the Internet

This incident serves as a poignant reminder to exercise caution and skepticism when encountering content on the internet. Social media platforms are rife with misinformation and deception, and it is crucial not to unquestioningly accept everything you come across.



the viral image of the gigantic Irish Greyhound from 1902 may have fooled many, but it ultimately emerged as a creation of AI, not a historical relic. This incident highlights the need for critical thinking and fact-checking in the digital age, where appearances can often be deceiving. So, the next time you stumble upon a captivating internet story or image, remember to think twice before taking it at face value.