Is Troy Aikman Married? What Happened To Aikman’s Wife?



Troy Aikman, a famous football player, had a fantastic career with the Dallas Cowboys. He won three Super Bowls and even became the Super Bowl MVP. Now, let’s talk about his personal life.


Troy’s Marriages

Troy was married to Rhonda Worthey, but they separated in 2011. He then became a single dad for a while. Later, in 2017, he married Catherine “Capa” Mooty. However, their marriage recently ended.


Troy’s New Love

In 2021, people started talking about Troy’s new girlfriend, Haley Clark. How they met is still a bit of a mystery, but their romance surprised many. This marked the official end of Troy’s marriage to Capa Mooty.


Troy Aikman’s Divorce

Troy, who is 56 years old, was seen in Italy with his new partner. They looked very happy together. They were seen on a beautiful yacht and swimming in the Amalfi Coast. This was about two months after his divorce with Capa was finalized.


Capa Mooty

Capa Mooty, Troy’s former wife, is known for more than just being married to a football legend. She has a successful career in fashion. She owns a fancy jewelry brand called “Luxe Report Designs,” which makes exquisite wedding bands.


Capa and Troy’s Journey

Capa Mooty’s marriage to Troy Aikman caught a lot of attention. After Troy’s first marriage ended in 2011, he was a single dad for a while. Then he met Capa, and they got married in 2017. They brought together their kids to create a blended family.

Meet Haley Clark

Haley Clark, 34 years old, became famous as Troy Aikman’s rumored girlfriend. She lives in Dallas and works as a sales director. How they met is a bit of a mystery, but their relationship surprised everyone. No one knew Troy had a new love until it came out.


Thoughts on Troy’s New Love

What do you think about Troy’s new relationship? Do you think they might get married? Share your thoughts with us!